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To meet the challenge of "carbon peak carbon neutrality" together
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suntrans 2024-03-12
Good news! Suntrans™ passed the national high-tech enterprise identification for the fourth time
suntrans 2024-04-29
Suntrans ™ new generation of intelligent centrifuge control system successfully operated in Chengdu Tianxiang Environment
suntrans 2024-04-29
Suntrans™ Smart DC super charging pile officially put into operation
suntrans 2024-04-28
Suntrans™ Smart flexible AC charging pile (electric 3C compulsory certification product)
suntrans 2024-03-12
Good news! "Power Internet of Things and overall flexible intelligent distribution system" was awarded as a famous high-tech product in Guangdong Province
Suntrans 2015-02-09
Prosperity! Suntrans technology and cases were successfully selected into "Compilation of Typical Technologies and Cases for the Construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Green Greater Bay Area"
Innovation of Suntrans™ in Product Technology
Suntrans™ original AC zero-crossing arc-free intelligent relay protection switch
The arc-free intelligent control switch has achieved a major breakthrough in the field of power applications. In addition to 100 times longer life than traditional electrical switches, a new generation of high-performance ADR flexible intelligent power distribution systems can be constructed without increasing the cost of power distribution projects. To comprehensively improve the energy efficiency of the comprehensive system of energy-consuming equipment
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Set measurement, control, protection, communication, programmable in one intelligent controller
The intelligent controller integrating 5 major functions adopts AC zero-crossing switching technology, which will not produce arc and scorch when on and off, with high reliability and long service life. It has functions such as overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, and overcurrent protection. The protection value can be configured according to user needs (within the safety range value)
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Suntrans™ technology promotes building intelligence to achieve safe and convenient carbon neutrality
The "overall flexible intelligent power distribution system" takes the intelligent building as the core and integrates the trinity of "strong electricity + weak electricity + fire protection". It is the infrastructure of "AI-based carbon footprint control", an important solution to realize the new era of urban efficient energy pipe operation and the key to achieve carbon neutrality
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Magnetic Steam" Thermal System
The product adopts the innovative high-efficiency electromagnetic thermal coupling magnetic hysteresis thermal effect to generate heat, and efficiently converts water into the required steam. It is small in size and light in weight. Especially under the refined control of the intelligent controller, it can generate stable pressure and stable temperature. higher than traditional boilers.
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Our business areas
In the past ten years, Suntrans™ has pioneered and innovatively promoted the "zero excess + arc-free" intelligent power relay independently developed by Sanchuan in the fields of energy management and control, smart buildings, smart campuses, smart fire protection, smart charging, smart street lights, and smart homes. Suntrans™ has completed more than 100 demonstration projects including super five-star hotels, large buildings, large campuses, office buildings, etc. At present, the company has 46 patented technologies in the field and 30 software copyrights
Energy management
Suntrans™ uses innovative technology and intelligent products to build an energy management and control system based on the "Industrial Internet Platform", which implements remote dynamic monitoring and digital management of the transmission, distribution and consumption links of the enterprise energy system, and realizes intelligent control, high efficiency, energy saving and optimization. Management and other functions, to provide the best solution for enterprises to further save energy, reduce emissions and save costs
Smart campus
Suntrans™ uses the "Internet + Campus Energy Management and Control System" to provide schools with integrated solutions for planning, design, implementation, and operation and maintenance management. Simultaneous monitoring of supply and demand, identification and control of malignant loads in student dormitories, identification and control of large electrical appliances and big data collection, online intelligent management and control of energy, etc.
Smart Building
By constructing the control platform of "Internet + smart building", Suntrans™ can realize the intelligence, digitalization, visualization and transparency of all electrical equipment inside the building, and provide integrated solutions of planning, design, implementation and operation and maintenance management for intelligent building construction in the park
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