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Five characteristics and three problems of new power system
Five characteristics and three problems of new power system
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"my country's existing power system has high carbon emissions and cannot meet the development goal of 'carbon neutrality', and must be reconstructed and rebuilt. When new energy is developed as the main energy Consider allowing new energy to play a greater role in ensuring system security and power supply. The current grid dispatching method is still mainly oriented to conventional power-based planning and dispatching, which is relatively rigid. Analysis by Xu Xiaodong, senior consultant of the General Electric Power Planning and Design Institute.

How to take the road of a new power system with new energy as the main body?

The ninth meeting of the Central Financial and Economic Commission held on March 15 this year proposed to build a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system and a new power system with new energy as the main body. What are the characteristics of the new power system? What problems will be encountered?


Jiang Liping said that if there is one word to describe the characteristics of the new power system, it must be "diversified".

"Technology, facilities, participating subjects, and the relationship between subjects will be diversified, and the relationship between subjects will be established either through policy requirements or through market behavior. In the market model, there are medium and long-term, spot and even Futures, etc., user needs are also diversified, in addition to power supply in the traditional sense, there will be those who demand green power, and those who demand higher reliability of power supply.

According to Chen Zongfa, the new power system has five characteristics:

First, green and low-carbon, new energy has become the main body of electricity supply;

Second, multi-energy complements, realizes the integrated development of wind-solar water, fire-storage, multi-energy co-supply of cold, heat, electricity and water, and develops comprehensive energy services;

Third, the source, network, load and storage are highly integrated;

Fourth, establish an effective competitive market system;

Fifth, build a smart and efficient power system.


"The measures launched this year to deepen the power reform, such as canceling the catalog electricity price, allowing all industrial and commercial users to enter the market, relaxing the restrictions on the rise and fall of coal electricity electricity prices, and implementing time-of-use peak electricity prices, have positive significance." From the perspective of power generation, Chen Zongfa He said that in the future, it is necessary to solve the problems of randomness and economy of new energy through technological progress and management improvement.


Building a new power system with new energy as the main body will also face a series of new problems and challenges. From an international perspective, Denmark, as a "pioneer" in realizing a high proportion of new energy power systems, has achieved nearly 60% of its power generation from wind power and photovoltaics. Germany, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Greece have achieved more than 20% of new energy power generation. Although my country's wind power and photovoltaic grid-connected installed capacity ranks first in the world, in terms of power generation, the proportion of wind power and photovoltaic annual power generation in the total power generation is 5.5% and 3.1% respectively, which is still in the stage of new energy development with a medium and low proportion. .

Xia Qing said that the current electricity market mechanism has three main problems in the construction of a power system with new energy as the main body:

1. New energy has almost zero marginal cost, and it is difficult to form a time-of-use price to guide the behavior of energy storage and electricity consumption that interacts with new energy;

2. The pricing of new energy capacity is difficult. New energy power generation depends on the weather conditions at that time, and its effective capacity does not match the maximum load demanded by users;

3. There is a lack of price signals that motivate new energy to actively reduce its own volatility. Only price incentives can promote efficient and accurate interaction between source, network, load and storage.

"Under such a mechanism, users or new energy companies will independently decide on the investment behavior of energy storage, rather than direct micro-control by the National Development and Reform Commission, requiring new energy companies to directly allocate energy storage. Therefore, the current spot market needs to keep pace with the times. Adapt to the subversive changes of the new power system as the main body of new energy." Xia Qing said.

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