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Many places postpone the launch of rooftop photovoltaic power generation projects
Many places postpone the launch of rooftop photovoltaic power generation projects
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Do you have photovoltaics installed on your roof?


On November 22, the Henan Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued a notice requiring the construction of rooftop photovoltaics to be promoted in a smooth and orderly manner. The notice stated that it is necessary to guide the leading enterprises and upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain to strengthen cooperation in accordance with the principle of marketization, and avoid behaviors that disrupt the market order such as circles that do not build, false propaganda, and unqualified construction.


my country's building roof resources are abundant and widely distributed, and the development of distributed photovoltaics on building roofs has great potential. The General Department of the National Energy Administration earlier issued the "Notice on Submitting the Pilot Program for the Development of Roof Distributed Photovoltaics in the Whole County (City, District)". Integrating resources to achieve intensive development, reducing peak power loads, saving and optimizing distribution network investment, and guiding residents' green energy consumption are important measures to realize the two national strategies of "carbon peaking, carbon neutrality" and rural revitalization.

Dengzhou City, Henan Province, as a pilot area, has previously issued a notice prohibiting companies from disrupting the local roof pilot development work.


The "Notice on Suspension of Some Rooftop Photovoltaic Projects in Our City" issued by the Development and Reform Commission of Dengzhou City in early November mentioned that in order to effectively protect and reasonably and orderly develop and utilize the city's rooftop resources, the province has successfully completed the pilot city for rooftop distributed photovoltaic development. According to relevant requirements, with the consent of the leaders of the municipal party committee and municipal government, it was decided to suspend the work of rooftop photovoltaic projects that use their own roofs to invest in the city.


The notice also emphasizes that the development and construction of roof resources within the city shall be coordinated by the municipal level, with unified planning and step-by-step implementation. It is strictly forbidden for companies not approved by the municipal government to develop rooftop distributed photovoltaic projects by renting the roofs of farmers and enterprises, and disrupting the pilot development of roofs in Dengzhou.


A staff member of Dengzhou Development and Reform Commission recently introduced to reporters that Dengzhou City has established a leading group for the promotion of the pilot project of rooftop photovoltaic development in the city to make overall plans for the specific deployment of this work. "Because some small companies and farmers have signed contracts at this stage, the installed photovoltaic facilities have potential safety hazards and are difficult to maintain later, so the rooftop photovoltaic project is suspended. At present, Dengzhou City has started a unified bidding, and more than ten companies have participated in the bidding. There are 2 to 4 companies that won the bid and are responsible for the operation of the rooftop photovoltaic project in Dengzhou City."


The Henan Provincial Development and Reform Commission mentioned in a notice on November 22 that in the first 10 months of this year, the province's household photovoltaic installed capacity was 2.08 million kilowatts, continuing to maintain the third favorable situation in the country. All localities should continue to maintain the favorable environment and good atmosphere for the construction of rooftop photovoltaics in the province, take the interests of the masses as the first priority, seize the window of the household photovoltaic financial subsidy policy window at the end of this year, and take the initiative to work with grid enterprises to meet the conditions of household photovoltaic projects. Good service, can be combined, and must not arbitrarily add conditions to the statutory filing procedure, and must not suspend or suspend the filing of existing projects, grid access, etc. on the grounds of launching pilot projects. For the development and construction of the whole county of rooftop photovoltaics, we must follow the "five nos" principle of the National Energy Administration and grasp the work priorities of the local competent authorities. Statutory procedures and bundled supporting industries are offside.


The "five nos" of the National Energy Administration, namely "voluntary and non-compulsory, no approval for pilot projects, no offside in place, no monopoly of competition, and no suspension of work".


In September this year, the General Department of the National Energy Administration announced the list of pilot projects for rooftop distributed photovoltaic development in the whole county (city, district), and mentioned that each pilot area should improve the business environment for new energy development and construction, and reduce the cost of rooftop distributed photovoltaic development and construction. Technology costs, reduce the burden of investment and development enterprises. During the pilot process, other projects such as project filing and grid connection shall not be suspended or postponed on the grounds of launching the pilot program. Those who do not implement national policies, arbitrarily attach conditions, or increase the cost of development and construction of enterprises in disguise during the pilot process will be disqualified from the pilot program. Non-pilot counties (cities, districts) continue to carry out the development and construction of various photovoltaic power generation projects in accordance with existing relevant regulations. Recently, the "Notice on Suspension of the Filing of New Photovoltaic Power Generation Projects" by the Development and Reform Commission of Changde City, Hunan Province circulated on the Internet also caused heated discussions. The notice mentioned that according to the requirements of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission's "Notice on the Development and Utilization of Wind and Solar Resources in the Province during the 14th Five-Year Plan", the commission organized various districts, counties and cities to declare the wind and solar resources to be developed during the 14th Five-Year Plan. , Light Project. Through preliminary investigation, the projects declared by the districts, counties and cities far exceed the capacity of the power grid. In order to promote the healthy and orderly development of new energy in the city and guide the rational investment of enterprises, the city has decided to suspend the filing of new photovoltaic power generation projects (including ground and roof), and will be launched after the city's "14th Five-Year Plan" proposed development projects are clarified. Except for Wuling District, which has been included in the national rooftop photovoltaic pilot scope of the whole county. 

Changde Development and Reform Commission issued the "Notice on Suspension of the Filing of New Photovoltaic Power Generation Projects" issued in November this year 

A person in charge of the Energy Department of Changde Development and Reform Commission introduced to reporters a few days ago that one of the reasons for the suspension of the filing was that a preliminary investigation was carried out on companies planning to build photovoltaic wind power projects within the city of Changde, and it was found that the photovoltaic wind power projects that need to be constructed far exceed The absorptive capacity of the grid. In addition, the city leaders also plan to find out the resource potential of the city's new energy, see how many wind power projects Changde can develop, and then entrust the Changde Development and Reform Commission to carry out the planning of the city's new energy development and utilization. The person in charge said that after the preparation of the entire plan is completed, the filing will definitely be released before the end of this year. In July this year, Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province also suspended the filing of some rooftop photovoltaic projects. The "Notice on Further Clarifying the Requirements for Suspension of Rooftop Photovoltaic Project Recording Work" issued by the Shaoguan Development and Reform Bureau in the same month shows that according to the deployment of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, combined with the current city's new energy development plan, new energy industry investment and the needs of rural revitalization strategies , In order to promote the construction of rooftop photovoltaics in a safe and orderly manner and achieve large-scale development, it has been decided by research that Shaoguan City will suspend the filing and construction of all commercial rooftop photovoltaic projects (except for projects under construction) except for residential distributed rooftop photovoltaic projects.

"Notice on Further Clarifying the Requirements for Suspension of Rooftop Photovoltaic Project Recording Work" issued by Shaoguan Development and Reform Bureau 

Recently, a staff member of the Electric Power Section of Shaoguan Development and Reform Bureau said in an interview that the reason for the delay in filing is to better implement national policies. Previously, many companies have applied for the installation of rooftop photovoltaic facilities, but due to grid capacity and safety issues, the Shaoguan Development and Reform Bureau decided to suspend the filing. "If you go all the way (photovoltaic) in a rush, it will have a great impact on the power grid." The staff member said that at present, the counties and districts of Shaoguan are currently arranging how many companies need to install photovoltaic panels. If the situation occurs, it is necessary to re-plan the construction of the power grid and replace the transformer. The staff said that at present, one county and one district in Shaoguan City have completed the investigation work, and it is expected to strive to restore the record in early December this year. 

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