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Suntrans Intelligent Control: Enables comprehensive energy management and control on campus, with a power saving rate of over 30%
Suntrans Intelligent Control: Enables comprehensive energy management and control on campus, with a power saving rate of over 30%
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Once the "14th Five-Year" industrial green development plan was released this year, carbon peaking and carbon neutrality quickly became central topics in the field of energy management and control. The plan clearly points out that it is necessary to adhere to the principle of giving priority to efficiency, put the improvement of energy and resource utilization efficiency in the first place, promote the scientific allocation and efficient utilization of energy resources, optimize production processes and processes, improve the output efficiency of unit energy resources, promote energy conservation and consumption reduction, and improve energy conservation. Quality enhancement.


This points out two energy-saving ways for enterprises to reduce carbon and carbon emissions: one is to optimize the industrial layout and process structure, and eliminate outdated processes and production capacity; the other is to rationally utilize new energy in accordance with the principles of open source, consumption reduction, energy conservation and efficiency enhancement And innovative technology, through the intelligent and efficient energy management and control platform system, improve energy efficiency, reduce unnecessary waste, and achieve energy conservation and emission reduction. Among them, the use of smart and efficient energy management and control systems to achieve emission reduction is undoubtedly the simplest, convenient and fast method.


Guangzhou Suntrans Control System Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Suntrans Intelligent Control TM) is a domestic "Internet + intelligent energy management and control", micro-grid technology, digital water conservancy, energy saving and emission reduction, and new high-power marine that has grown with the country's reform and opening up. It is a high-tech enterprise with a high degree of integration of production, education, research and business in the fields of power generation and other technologies.

Under the leadership of Professor Zheng Guilin, the company's chairman, chief scientist and doctoral supervisor of Wuhan University, after years of struggle and accumulation, Suntrans Zhikong has covered various innovative power, water conservancy, meteorological and environmental monitoring, building safety, fire safety, 46 patented technologies in smart home and other fields, including 2 international invention patents and 12 national invention patents, 27 utility model patents, and 5 design patents.


In particular, the "AC zero-crossing" load control technology of the original mechanical switch is another innovation made by Tesla 110 years after the invention of alternating current. . This innovation will undoubtedly shake the international power core equipment manufacturing industry, making China gradually become a technology and product exporter from the largest importer of international power equipment, and can directly echo the "cloud" with a series of high-performance power "smart terminals", thus building From the energy Internet covering the whole country, it realizes the green concept of the least number of operators, the best scientific management, and the most energy-saving society.


With more than 20 years of innovation and hard work, Suntrans Zhikong has a full range of business activities such as R&D, manufacturing, sales and engineering services. In the fields of big data measurement and control and intelligent charging, a large number of demonstration projects have been done.

For example, in the construction of smart campus, Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine confirmed its willingness to cooperate with Suntrans Zhikong TM after visiting the smart school building electricity plan customized by Suntrans Zhikong TM for Wuhan University. The scope of implementation of the cooperative project is 5 dormitory buildings and 2,500 dormitories. The project was started in December 2016, and the installation period is 20 days. After the construction of the school, all software and hardware debugging was completed on October 12, 2017. Excluding some other factors, the total project implementation period of Suntrans Zhikong was within one month. Finish.

Project Hardware Solutions

Main power distribution cabinet: Each of the 5 teaching buildings is equipped with one set of main power distribution cabinet, totaling 5 sets.

Smart meter box: 2,500 dormitories, each dormitory is equipped with a smart meter box, a total of 2,500. Circuits: There are 2,500 dormitories, and each dormitory is equipped with 4 circuits, which respectively control sockets, room lights, balcony lights and bathroom lights, totaling 10,000 circuits.

Sockets: There are 2,500 dormitories, and each dormitory is equipped with 8 sockets, which are centrally managed and controlled by a circuit, with a total of 20,000 sockets.

Lighting facilities: 2500 dormitories, each dormitory is equipped with 3 lighting facilities, room lights, balcony lights and bathroom lights, a total of 7500.

Project Software Solutions

(1) Software version

There are two versions of the mobile terminal APP and the PC terminal.


(2) User roles and permissions

School Leaders: View Permissions

Logistics management department: browse, query, operate and configure permissions

Building management personnel: browse, inquire, and operate authority

Residential Students: Operating Permissions


(3) Software Architecture

At present, the Sanchuan Zhishe project of Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is only connected to smart meters. The overall structure of its energy integrated management platform is as follows: 

Figure 1-1 Overall Architecture of Suntrans Energy Integrated Management Platform

(4) System function

Administrator privilege system function

It can be divided into: configuration management, meter management, dormitory electricity management and cost query function. The system page on the PC side is as follows:

Figure 1-2 Overall Architecture of Suntrans Energy Integrated Management Platform

Configuration management: including lighting subsidy configuration, billing standard configuration, insufficient balance warning configuration, recharge amount limit, account frozen balance limit, deduction time configuration, system description configuration.

Electricity meter management: including electricity consumption status management, electricity consumption historical data and curve management, and electricity consumption historical data management.

Dormitory electricity usage management: including electricity usage status, comprehensive query of dormitory, electricity usage freeze and thaw, electricity meter account freezing review, electricity usage history data, electricity usage parameter history curve, electricity usage parameter history data.

Expense query: recharge record query, electricity bill query.


Student use permission system function

The student mobile APP includes four functional modules: electricity consumption status, account information, electricity consumption information, and student information, as shown in the following figure: 

Figure 1-3 Sanchuan Zhishe Student Permission APP Function Interface

power status

Contains room lights, balcony lights, bathroom lights, and power switches for sockets, as well as operation log queries.

The query result interface under the operation day is as follows: 

Figure 1-4 Dormitory electricity operation log query interface 



account information

Including the query of the total electricity consumption of the dormitory account, the electricity consumption of the current month and the day, the account balance and the account status, as shown in the following figure: 

Figure 1-5 Dormitory account information query interface


The electricity consumption can be queried by day, month and year, as shown in the following figure: 

1-6 Dormitory electricity consumption statistics display interface


Click on the account information to query the tariff record, as shown in the following figure: 

Figure 1-7 Dormitory electricity bill record query interface


For electricity consumption information, you can query the voltage, current, power, power factor coefficient and meter value of the dormitory. The query interface is shown in the figure below: 

Figure 1-8 Dormitory electricity consumption information query interface


Click on a specific parameter to query the power change in a certain period of time, as shown in the following figure: 


Figure 1-9 Query and Statistics Interface for Change of Meter Value in Dormitory


student information

You can query the student information in the dormitory. The query interface is as follows:

Figure 1-10 Dormitory Student Information Query Interface


Click on a specific student's name to query the student's detailed information, as shown in the following figure: 


Figure 1-11 Personal information display interface of dormitory students


project effectiveness

1. Energy saving

Load identification and early warning limit the use of high-power electrical appliances

Through the identification of malignant loads and high power, it is linked to various early warning modes to limit the use of high-power electrical appliances, thereby reducing the energy consumption of the dormitory.


Transparency of electricity use information prompts students to save electricity independently

Using the Internet of Things and big data technology, students can check the electricity consumption and balance of the dormitory in real time through the mobile APP (currently, the country distributes 6 kWh of electricity to each student for free each month), so as to realize the students' independent power saving. 

Remotely turn off the power supply in the dormitory at any time to prevent waste of electricity

Through the network connection, you can use the mobile phone APP anytime and anywhere to turn off the lighting equipment that is not in use in the dormitory, so as to avoid the waste of electricity caused by forgetting to turn off the power. After the project is implemented, the electricity saving rate is as high as 30%. In terms of infrastructure construction, due to the reduction in the laying of various cables, compared with the original budget of Heping Campus, 3.5 million yuan was saved.

2. Efficient management

Real-time checking of electricity consumption data to eliminate unsafe loads

Through the use of smart meter boxes, the application of the Internet of Things and big data technology, the real-time inspection of electricity consumption data is realized, and there is no need for logistics and building management to manually check the meters.


Real-time alarm for abnormal electricity consumption, quickly locate the illegal dormitory

Real-time alarm of abnormality is realized through the load identification function. Support a variety of power consumption alarm methods, including SMS alarm, voice alarm, mobile phone app display alarm, etc. Logistics management personnel can quickly locate the abnormal dormitory and view the information of dormitory members through the operation log of the mobile APP.


WeChat electricity bill payment, saving labor management costs

Students can check the remaining power in real time through the mobile APP, and purchase power in real time through WeChat payment on the mobile terminal, which saves the labor cost of the school logistics management department for power purchase. 

Extend equipment life and significantly reduce O&M costs

The safety of the system is significantly improved. Since there is no large current impact event, the life of the equipment is guaranteed, and the later operation and maintenance costs are significantly reduced. There is no need to visit the door to check the malignant conformity to promote the development of a harmonious campus. The research report on the smart power project of Sanchuan Zhikong Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine has passed the identification and limitation of malignant loads and high-power electrical appliances. campus and ensure the stable and reliable operation of campus safety and electrical systems. 

Comprehensive data management to provide basis for scientific decision-making

Comprehensive data-based management and modern technology that "leave traces after swallowing" provide the most complete "big data" for campus management and provide a basis for scientific decision-making. 

3. Intelligent control

Smart meter box realizes distributed control of electricity consumption in student dormitories

Through the use of Sanchuan smart meter box, it has the function of automatically collecting RS485 serial port data and saving it, and then uploading it to the network server, in addition to the functions of network time calibration, GPS positioning, and GPS time calibration. The dormitory is currently divided into four circuits, which realizes the effect of students' distributed control of the four circuits on the mobile terminal APP.


Data is uploaded to the cloud for real-time measurement and control

The data is uploaded to the cloud, and real-time measurement and control of electricity consumption data can be realized through the Sanchuan Zhishe APP. 

4. Fire safety

Through the intelligent load controller integrating measurement + protection + control + communication, each load is managed finely, which greatly improves the reliability, safety and abnormal protection characteristics of the campus power distribution system. At the same time, it also improves the safety level of campus electricity consumption, eliminates the potential safety hazards caused by the use of malignant loads by students, and avoids the management contradictions caused by frequent dormitory safety inspections, and enhances students' sense of participation and gain. Real-time monitoring of malignant loads, abnormal power consumption, real-time alarm and removal within 20ms, comprehensive elimination of fire hazards and improved safety.

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