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Speed Time and Space: Digital Power Wisdom Empowerment—Power Dispatching Visualization Platform in the Era of Big Data
Speed Time and Space: Digital Power Wisdom Empowerment—Power Dispatching Visualization Platform in the Era of Big Data
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Under the national strategic goal of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality", in March 2021, the central government first proposed to build a new power system with new energy as the main body, and then in October the State Council officially issued the "Carbon Peaking Action Before 2030" Plan", once again mentioned to speed up the construction of new power system. Build a new power system with new energy as the main body, and guide self-provided power plants, traditional high-capacity industrial loads, industrial and commercial interruptible loads, electric vehicle charging networks, and virtual power plants to participate in system regulation. higher requirement.



Based on spatial data such as power grids, and with situational awareness and artificial intelligence as the core, Speed China has established a grid dispatch visualization platform that integrates multiple data and intelligent analysis. Scientific decision-making of power grid dispatching, so as to ensure the high reliability of regional power grid in the context of new power system.


1. Three-core driver Smart scheduling

With the continuous improvement of the level of power grid intelligence, the development of power marketization and the gradual construction of new power systems, the volume of power grid business data has also shown an exponential growth trend. Power grid dispatching connects all key links of power grid operation. Based on three core driving forces, Speed China conducts efficient organization and in-depth analysis of massive data. At the same time, it uses visual means to play an auxiliary decision-making role to realize efficient command of power grid operation under the background of new power systems. schedule.


1. Collection

Using a variety of data collection methods, multi-source, heterogeneous, and massive data are processed in accordance with standard data format specifications, and space-time calibration is performed.


2. Analysis

Sort out the data connection, according to the needs of the grid dispatching business, associate and reorganize the multi-source data according to the business logic, build a data model, and deeply mine the data association characteristics, space-time characteristics and changing laws.


3. Show

In line with the thematic planning of power grid dispatching business services, the multi-source correlated data analysis and judgment conclusions are presented according to the core content of the thematic and a variety of visualization methods are used to meet the intelligent dispatching needs of situational awareness and auxiliary decision-making.


2. Diverse ways of data interaction

Collect data information such as power grid models, wiring diagrams, real-time operating status, and meteorological information, and use diversified data docking methods to realize the data interaction between the grid dispatch visualization platform and various business systems.


3. Dynamic Perception of Linked Data

According to business logic requirements, using time, space and level as the basic framework for data analysis, the planned electricity load, yesterday's electricity load, real-time electricity load, main transformer N-1 safety margin, cross-line frequency safety margin, busbar The complex grid dispatching data information such as voltage safety level is reorganized and reconstructed to achieve the goal of visual intelligent dispatching that supports specialization and correlation.

4. Visual communication of scheduling data

Constructing thematic scenarios of dispatching data, forming a large-screen display of unique thematic content such as dispatching panorama, power grid overview, power grid planning, green low-carbon, new energy layout, etc. and other operational management requirements.IMG_259


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