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[Digital Economy AIOT Model-Case]: Wuhan University Smart Electricity Energy Management and Control Project
[Digital Economy AIOT Model-Case]: Wuhan University Smart Electricity Energy Management and Control Project
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1. Industrial Background

The digital economy is an important direction for the development of the world economy and has become the driving force for my country's high-quality development in the future. From the central to local governments, they have attached great importance to the development of the digital economy. Beijing proposes that by 2025, the added value of the digital economy will reach about 50% of the regional GDP, and it will enter the ranks of international advanced digital economy cities. Digital technology is the "infrastructure" of the digital economy era and the key means for the development of the digital economy.

2. Case introduction

Suntrans Zhikong and Shuzhi Technology jointly promote the world's leading digital energy management and control technology and complete solutions. The hydropower renovation of the renovation project of the School of Science of Wuhan University was selected as a national outstanding historical site protection project. The early building of Wuhan University was completed in 1936. It was planned by Li Siguang and designed by American architect Kells. It is the only university campus that was completely planned and designed in a relatively short period of time in the modern history of China. Following the traditional Chinese principles of "axis symmetry, master-slave order, central hall, and four corners of the building", it introduces Western classical styles and combines the strengths of Chinese and Western architecture. The School of Science is backed by the East Lake and echoes with the School of Engineering across the playground. With a construction area of 10,120 square meters, it is the largest building in scale and volume among the early buildings of Wuhan University. The building integrates Eastern and Western, traditional and modern construction arts and technologies, and is an outstanding representative of modern Chinese campus architecture.

The Faculty of Science is the largest building in the old buildings of Wuhan University. After more than 80 years of wind and rain, the building has experienced vicissitudes of life, the roof is damaged and water seeps; the walls are cracked and fallen off; the structure is aging; the water supply and drainage system is basically paralyzed; the interior decoration has been changed; The Faculty of Science is basically at an endangered stage where it cannot be used normally.

The project started at the end of 2015 and lasted for one and a half years. In August 2017, the Hubei Provincial Bureau of Cultural Relics organized an expert group to inspect the protection and maintenance project of the School of Science. It was unanimously affirmed that the School of Science strictly followed the basic principles of cultural relic protection. It has preserved the historical features of the Faculty of Science and achieved the expected conservation goals.

Building water and electricity renovation and upgrade work:

Smart Power Distribution:Using the developed overall flexible intelligent power distribution system and the intelligent management and control of central air conditioners, a cloud platform echoing with terminals was established to implement intelligent, transparent and convenient transformation of power distribution and energy management and control in the campus, thus achieving:

1. Simultaneous monitoring of online power supply and demand;

2. Identification and control of malignant load in student dormitory;

3. Identification and control of large electrical appliances;

Water energy consumption monitoring system: intelligent water meter monitoring system (water meter remote monitoring system)

The system has three options for meter reading: in-well remote meter reading, out-well remote meter reading, and in-well and external force meter reading.

Pipe network monitoring:

Use the collector to collect the temperature, pressure, flow and other parameters of each node and transmit them to the monitoring center remotely through the wired/wireless network.

Diagnose the leakage of water in the pipe network, and analyze the hydraulic working conditions of the pipe network for building heat metering.

1. With rich communication functions, remote monitoring and control can be carried out

2, with manual / manual switching mode

3. Linkage with various auxiliary heats

4. Adopt temperature difference forced circulation control

5. Automatic water replenishment and automatic water return control

6. Constant pressure water supply control

Alarm protection function

1. Low liquid level alarm

2. Antifreeze protection

3. Explosion protection

4. Equipment failure detection

Integrated energy management and control platform

1. Based on "terminal" echoing "school cloud" big data collection and online intelligent management and control of energy.

2. Managers and students can conduct real-time monitoring, control and payment of electricity consumption in the dormitory through the mobile app, which is easy to use, simple to operate and maintain, and energy efficient.

3. Value and Benefit

The overall power distribution system can be described as "the safest + economical overall intelligent power distribution solution", which is mainly reflected in:

Construction cost: reduce unnecessary equipment and cable engineering investment, and reduce the cost of strong and weak current laying through bus wiring.

Energy cost: The intelligent management and control method provides the optimal combination of electricity consumption, which can save energy by 20% -- 60% compared with traditional power distribution

Management costs: changing the power management mode, the building power management and maintenance team has become a thing of the past

Maintenance cost: AC zero-crossing arc-free technology enables product life to reach one million times, and equipment system abnormalities can be prevented, predicted, and predicted

Flexible power distribution solves the following problems in the old buildings of Wuhan University:

1. Air conditioning power distribution

2. Unable to withstand large power bridges

3. Electricity safety (load identification)

4. Online AI energy management and timely payment after 10 minutes of electricity consumption

In this project, Wuhan University has renovated 12,000 dormitories, saving electricity by 52% (comparison of the per capita electricity consumption of students before and after the transformation), and safe electricity consumption without accidents. The original electricity consumption was tens of millions per year. After the transformation, the electricity was used first and then charged, and the electricity was charged every 10 minutes, which eliminated the loss of electricity.

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