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Lao Zhai She injects wisdom "core" into the cultural relics building complex - the "Internet + intelligent power management" system is embedded in the century-old school building of Wuhan University
Lao Zhai She injects wisdom "core" into the cultural relics building complex - the "Internet + intelligent power management" system is embedded in the century-old school building of Wuhan University
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One of the early ancient buildings of Wuhan University, Lao Zhai House, the oldest student dormitory with an area of 13,773 square meters built on the mountain, is equipped with the "Internet + Intelligent Power Management" system. So far, this weather-beaten, historical and humanistic building has penetrated time and space, and has regained its vitality.  

Wuhan University Lao Zhai She started construction in March 1930 and was completed in September 1931. It was designed by F. H. Kales and Richard. Sachse, and Han Xiesheng Construction Plant won the bid for construction.


Sakura Garden Dormitory, a famous scenic spot in Wuhan University, is also known as Lao Zhai She. When the cherry blossoms are in full bloom every spring, it attracts tourists from all over the world to come here to appreciate the flowers and enjoy the scenery. Construction of the building began in March 1930 and was completed in September 1931. The overall design of the building is ingenious and consists of four dormitories, which are connected by three Roman coupon arches. The main body of the building is granite gray as the main color, which is particularly simple, generous, heavy and steady. There are multi-layer stairs (hundred-step ladder) built at the entrance, which are unified in shape and magnificent. In 2001, it was announced as a national key cultural relics protection unit.

Lao Zhai She is the third batch of buildings on the campus of Wuhan University to use the "Internet + intelligent power management" system, and it is also the first national key cultural relic building on the campus to be equipped with an intelligent system. After the renovation, students and administrators living here can monitor, control, and pay for the electricity consumption of the Lao Zhai She in real time through the mobile app respectively, which reduces waste in the room with no lights on and lights on during the day. The investment in the dormitory load identification technology has eliminated the use of bad loads such as 50W electric mattresses in the dormitory, and the large electrical appliances that exceed the parameter settings can be removed in time, so that the invisible and untouchable electricity is transparent, digitized, and large. Digitization. Therefore, the intelligent electricity management system not only cultivates students' safe electricity habits, but also eliminates fire accidents caused by electricity overload events, maximizes the safety of cultural relics buildings, and prolongs their life.


Because this "Internet + intelligent power management" system can be accurately interrupted at the AC zero-crossing point, 100% avoid arc shock; integrated measurement, protection, control, communication, programmable functions; support wifi, RS485, CAN bus, Zigbee Therefore, it can protect the safety of the load, realize the remote control and monitoring of the load, power peak shift, etc., and provide efficient safety protection and energy-saving operation support for the refined management of cultural relics and building equipment, and museum buildings with safety requirements for collections.src=http___wh.zgzx.com.cn_attachement_jpg_site215_20200316_f44d30753d941fd96f7d17.jpg&refer=http___wh.zgzx.com.webp

The "core" of wisdom has been injected into the building of Lao Zhai She, a national key cultural relic building, and the old building has been reborn since then.


Since June 2014, Wuhan University has taken the lead in building a smart energy management and control system in the dormitory buildings of the Department of Information, the Department of Medicine, and the Lao Zhai She, a national key cultural relics complex, and has achieved the following outstanding achievements:

1) The smart energy management and control system of Wuhan University provides dual-circuit power supply to the student dormitory, and each circuit is equipped with a set of electrical control system with load identification function, which can accurately identify 128 kinds of dangerous electrical equipment stipulated by the Ministry of Education, and cut it off by itself Power supply, which actively disables dangerous equipment.

2) This system is equipped with an intelligent control module with AC zero-crossing technology, which eliminates electrical problems such as arcing and overvoltage. At the moment when the system is about to be dangerous (20ms), the circuit is cut off to ensure the safety of students using electricity.

3) This system can accurately check the electricity consumption of each dormitory, each building and each area, conduct statistics, sorting and analysis of the entire electricity consumption, real-time query, and transparency of electricity information; it also provides energy-saving work for schools. refer to.

4) This system also has the on-off function of online payment, which greatly improves the efficiency of school logistics management. This system reduces the number of logistics staff by three-quarters, and the efficiency is significantly improved.

5) This system can make real-time payment and on-off, and force students to be unable to use high-power electrical appliances, so that the electricity consumption of student dormitories can save 50% of electricity compared with the same dormitory.

6) The system is equipped with a corresponding mobile phone APP, which combines the university's smart energy management and control system with the "Internet +" thinking. Through the analysis of big data, the energy management and control of the entire department is reasonably allocated, so that the allocation of school education resources is the most efficient. optimization.

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