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Prosperity! Suntrans technology and cases were successfully selected into "Compilation of Typical Technologies and Cases for the Construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Green Greater Bay Area"
Prosperity! Suntrans technology and cases were successfully selected into "Compilation of Typical Technologies and Cases for the Construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Green Greater Bay Area"
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On June 23, 2022, the Foreign Cooperation and Exchange Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, together with the Guangdong Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, together with the Guangdong Provincial Environmental Protection Industry Association and the Guangdong Environmental Protection Association Science and Technology Consulting Development Center, held a "Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Green" in Guangzhou Building, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. The release and sharing meeting of "Typical Technologies and Cases of Greater Bay Area Construction" and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the "Belt and Road Initiative" to jointly build a national environmental protection industry and technology exchange and matchmaking meeting. The technologies and cases of Suntrans™ "Building Energy-saving Application Based on Artificial Intelligence High-efficiency Computer Room" and "High-efficiency Steam Generator Based on Electromagnetic Hysteresis Thermal Effect" were successfully selected into the "Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Green Greater Bay Area Construction Typical Technologies and Cases Compilation", Chairman Zheng Guilin and executive general manager Zhu Qingjin attended the meeting and shared the high-efficiency energy-saving technologies and classic cases selected by Suntrans™.

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In order to promote the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Green Greater Bay Area and promote the promotion and application of green and low-carbon technologies and cases, in April 2022, the Foreign Cooperation and Exchange Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment launched a collection of typical technologies and cases for the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Green Greater Bay Area. 52 applications involving technologies and cases related to sewage, air, solid waste, low carbon and other fields were collected. After a month of review, experts selected 25 typical technologies and cases with reference and promotion value. Among them, Suntrans™ is based on the "integrated flexible intelligent power distribution system" series of technologies and products for building energy-saving applications based on artificial intelligence high-efficiency computer rooms and technologies and application cases based on "electromagnetic hysteresis thermal effect high-efficiency steam generators". Its advantages of high efficiency, safety, green environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction were successfully selected.


At the sharing meeting, Chairman Zheng Guilin introduced in detail the application technologies and cases of building energy conservation based on artificial intelligence efficient computer room. Take the green, low-carbon and intelligent construction of Guangzhou Mediterranean Hotel as an example. In October 2019, Suntrans™ was entrusted to undertake the green, low-carbon and efficient automation construction of the central air-conditioning system of the Mediterranean Hotel. The unmanned computer room construction of "artificial intelligence + Internet of Things" was directly realized, and it was officially put into AIoT unmanned operation on July 1, 2020.  


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Project implementation content:

1) Intelligent AIoT management and control of four chiller main units, auxiliary water pumps, valve groups, cooling towers, and booster heat exchange systems;

2) Development and practice of edge computing control AI software and hardware based on AIoT terminals;

3) Corresponding high-precision digital sensors are added to all water links of refrigeration, cooling, cooling towers and pressurized water systems;

4) The construction of the mathematical model of PDWC closed-loop AIoT intelligent algorithm based on the invention patent of Suntrans™;

5) Based on the accurately measured temperature, pressure, flow, water level and other parameters, the edge computing unit integrates cloud AI big data management and control decisions, reaching the level of AI unmanned management and control;

6) To achieve the purpose of energy saving and efficiency increase, emission reduction and consumption reduction.

Adopt core technology:

(1) Independently innovative AIoT control system for super-efficient central air-conditioning room, AIoT terminal ST-RTU-HVAC (embedded in high-performance edge data processing, logical analysis and decision-making) echoes the "SuntransPlat cloud", and builds a super-efficient air-conditioning intelligent hardware and software model The system uses PDWC's simple model for nonlinear control systems to achieve intelligent control in seconds.

(2) Adopt Suntrans™ overall flexible intelligent power distribution system, and install a series of core products (integrated measurement, protection, control, communication, programmable, etc.) Combined with the intelligent sensing sensor installed in the room, the guest room is integrated into the AIoT platform to realize the simultaneous management and control of all five energies of water, electricity, gas, heat and cold in the hotel, integrating the weather forecast system, guest room opening information, terminal fresh air link, and fan coil control. , which opens up an effective AIoT control method for the hotel's central air-conditioning system to achieve carbon neutrality and the hotel's large-scale reduction of energy consumption.

Case realization effect:

 (1) Significantly save electricity and reduce energy consumption. Among them, the saving rate of the main cooling month is 51.7%, and the annual rate is 60.6%. After the completion of the construction of the high-efficiency AI control and energy efficiency management and control system of Suntrans™ central air-conditioning, the ultra-efficient central air-conditioning control operation has been realized. The electricity consumption in July-September 2019 before the transformation (2.4196 million kwh) and the electricity consumption in July-September 2020 after the transformation (1.2528 million kwh) were compared in the same period of the main cooling month. The energy saving reached 1.1668 million kwh, and the energy saving rate was 51.7%. , greatly reducing annual carbon emissions. In 2021, the central air-conditioning room of the Mediterranean Hotel will achieve "carbon neutrality";

(2) The system realizes AI intelligent control and improves the reliability of the central air-conditioning system. Through the overall flexible intelligent power distribution system, it can realize the status diagnosis of the whole life cycle of each link in the AI ​​analysis and control system, predict, warn, and forecast the timely operation and maintenance of the air-conditioning system equipment, reduce human errors, and make the operation of the air-conditioning system more scientific and reliable;

(3) The system AI unmanned management and control reduces the input of manpower for the management and control of the central air-conditioning system. Online dynamic reports reduce labor costs and 9 air-conditioning operation and maintenance personnel.

(4) Mature system, reliable technology, 100% replicable and generalizable.


Suntrans™ has been deeply engaged in the energy management and control of the five major energy sources of "water, electricity, heat and cooling" for 29 years. With the series of technologies and products of "integrated flexible intelligent power distribution system" as the core, it integrates the trinity of strong current + weak current + active fire protection, and is based on the whole life cycle. Innovative technologies such as low-carbon digital cities and building parks, combined with Suntrans™'s internationally leading and innovative AC zero-crossing "arc-free power relay protection control switch", embedded Suntrans-OS edge computing, directly echoing SuntransPlat cloud, so far It has been applied in more than 100 cases including super five-star hotels, large buildings, large campuses, office buildings, etc., and has invested more than 100,000 arc-free relay protection controllers in comprehensive energy management and control operation, helping customers to practice energy conservation and emission reduction, green environmental protection It will help the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Green Greater Bay Area and contribute to China's realization of the "3060 Dual-Carbon Goal".

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