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50S steam output, a new generation of ultra-efficient steam generator with thermal conversion efficiency up to 98%
50S steam output, a new generation of ultra-efficient steam generator with thermal conversion efficiency up to 98%
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In 2013, a group of studies showed that there are 6 important sources of PM2.5 in Beijing, namely soil dust, coal combustion, biomass combustion, automobile exhaust, waste incineration, industrial pollution and secondary inorganic gas combustion. Among them, the proportion of coal burning is about 18%, which has a particularly prominent impact on the formation of haze weather. In order to reduce the air pollution caused by burning coal, many northern cities in my country have begun to implement a series of "coal-to-gas" and "coal-to-electricity" policies, and provide corresponding subsidies for promotion.


In 2016, the "Industrial Green Development Plan" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology pointed out that: Resource and environmental issues are the common challenges faced by mankind. Promoting green growth and implementing the Green New Deal are the common choices of the world's major economies, and the efficiency of resource and energy utilization is also It has become an important factor in measuring the competitiveness of a country's manufacturing industry, and promoting green development is an inevitable way to enhance international competitiveness. Combined with the previous plans such as "Key Projects of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Air Pollution Prevention and Control in Key Areas", "Action Plan for Air Pollution Prevention and Control", and "Implementation of "Coal-to-gas and Coal-to-Electricity" to Concentrate the Use of Clean Energy, it can be seen that the future heating "Coal-to-electricity" and "coal-to-gas" for boilers will become an important development direction in the fields of life and industry.


In 2021, my country announced that it will achieve carbon peaking by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060. This further promotes the transformation of "coal to gas" and "coal to electricity" for coal-fired heating equipment by industries in various fields. Under the guidance and support of a series of policies, steam electric boilers have gradually developed. At present, "coal-to-electricity" boilers are mainly divided into resistance steam boilers and electromagnetic steam boilers, but electromagnetic steam boilers have more obvious advantages, with faster steam output and higher thermal conversion efficiency.



Take the "super-efficient magnetic steam generator" developed and innovative by Suntrans™ as an example. This is an innovative high-efficiency heat generator that can provide high-temperature, high-pressure heat anytime, anywhere or through board replacement, serving HVAC, bathing, cleaning and other heat, using hysteresis heating effect heating The technology efficiently converts electrical energy into thermal energy.


First, an alternating magnetic field is generated in the coil through the control circuit, and the alternating magnetic field lines generate an alternating current (ie eddy current) inside the magnetically sensitive metal material (heating tube). The fluid and the atom collide and rub each other to generate heat energy, which heats the medium (liquid or gas, etc.) flowing through the heating tube, so as to achieve the heating effect. It has higher thermal efficiency, faster heating speed and stronger safety than ordinary electric steam boilers and heating furnaces.


Advantages of magnetic steam generators



High security


The "super-efficient magnetic steam generator" heating system is a wireless magnetic induction process, and there is no electrical connection between water and electricity, so the insulation is safe, and the heat insulation is efficient, ensuring the user's electrical safety and long-term efficiency. The heating system of the generator is scientifically designed, completely controlled by AIoT, and any abnormality is managed by AI, which realizes prediction, early warning, and forecasting, and further improves the safety features; The protection and control system, the application of Suntrans™ patented technology and controller, not only guarantees the safety and reliability of the system, but also guarantees the long life of the "super-efficient magnetic steam generator" electrical measurement and control system.




Intelligent management and control


1. One-click start and stop: realize artificial intelligence management and control, and completely become an Internet of Things terminal;

2. Real-time monitoring of the temperature curve, pressure curve, and flow curve of the whole process, realizing the terminal echoes the Internet of Things system in the cloud. Authorized mobile terminals can manage and control countless "super-efficient magnetic steam generators" to achieve unmanned control and remote online monitoring;

3. Based on the embedded 4G/5G (optional) wireless communication function, the transparent, procedural, and artificial intelligence management and control of the thermal production process of enterprises can be achieved at one time;

4. In any case, complete safe operation and Internet of Things management and control through authorized mobile terminals to ensure the safe production of "high-efficiency magnetic steam generators";

5. The steam generator is embedded with the intelligent status diagnosis function to ensure the reliable operation and abnormal diagnosis of the system by itself. The safety is guaranteed in three levels: the first level, when an abnormality is detected, relevant information is sent, and the management and control personnel decide whether to ensure production; Level 2, if the problem is found serious, shut down the heating system directly to ensure the safety and reliability of the entire system; Level 3, if there is a potential safety hazard, directly disconnect the heating system and water pump system power.



Inspection-free feature


The six characteristics of zero emission, zero pollution, zero space, zero labor, zero distance, and low energy consumption make the "super-efficient magnetic steam generator" comply with the state's regulations on environmental protection, inspection-free, and packaging-free for pressure vessels. It is a conventional heating equipment and a wireless heating heating equipment that is not directly heated by electricity. The volume of the heating pipe is controlled within the range of 20 liters, which conforms to the category of safety inspection-free pressure vessels. "Ultra-efficient magnetic steam generator" is free of special boiler room and conveying pipeline features. Zero space: no need to build a special "boiler room"; zero distance: no need for long-distance transmission pipelines, and pipelines shorten the distance.



Full use of waste heat


More than 80% of the steam use sites still have a large amount of waste heat after the production is completed. Traditional equipment is limited by scaling, distance, and heat loss energy, and the utilization rate of waste heat is not high, or waste heat condensate requires expensive water quality treatment equipment. With its short distance (only water softening equipment), the steam generator can directly use the waste heat hot water as the input water source to enter the "magnetic steam" again to heat it into high-temperature steam, which greatly improves the thermal efficiency of users and effectively reduces power consumption. .



Quick steam

"Ultra-efficient magnetic steam generator" wireless hysteresis heating, which converts water power into steam indirectly and super-efficiently through magnetic field. The artificial intelligence AI system can intelligently ensure that the temperature and pressure meet the customer's settings, and the entire steam production can be completed with one click. The special structure of "Magnetic Steam" of Suntrans™ has a large magnetic heat exchange area, and has more giant heating characteristics than traditional eddy current induction cookers. The surrounding metal has little influence on the heating efficiency. Especially the special anti-fouling coating effectively improves the service life, reliability and stability of the equipment. "Magnetic steam" only needs 50 seconds from the start of heating and one-button trigger to the production of qualified high-temperature steam.



Extreme energy saving


"Ultra-efficient magnetic steam generator" wireless hysteresis heating, its magneto-thermal coupling efficiency is as high as 98%, therefore, it is the system with the highest efficiency and the highest safety level among electric heating steam generators. In order to meet the needs of different customers for steam, the current "magnetic steam" heating system adopts dual-chamber 75kW synchronous heating, with a total input power of 150kW. Flexible digital power management and control of equipment, integrated with Suntrans's innovative PDWC artificial intelligence control algorithm, extremely energy-saving, customers only need to set the parameters, that is, about 0.25 tons of saturated steam per hour, the energy-saving operation mode that extremely curbs demand, and achieves production on demand. The thermal demand echoes the ADR characteristics.



Mass production


The artificial intelligence technology embedded in the "super-efficient magnetic steam generator" can echo the "cloud" to realize the "magnetic steam" multi-machine cooperative work. The steam production can be doubled. The flexible combination mode can not only meet the distributed layout and placement of various steam demand sides, but also realize large-scale steam production through a large number of "magnetic steam" combinations, providing full selectivity, combination, intensive and reliable for different customers and different needs. , Stable steam heat source.



Advantages of steam generators
Suntrans's High Efficiency Electromagnetic Steam Generator Resistance heating equipment
Intelligent AI intelligent IoT management and control, no need for special personnel on duty, automatic regulation on the demand side. Screen operation controls temperature and pressure. AI control and automatic control of start and stop are not allowed.
100% separation of water and electricity, safe insulation, intelligent fault diagnosis, to achieve three-level multiple security guarantees.

The resistance is directly inserted into the water tank, and the water and electricity are easy to contact, and there is a potential leakage safety hazard.


conversion efficiency
exchange efficiency

High thermal conversion efficiency: 98%;

Fast heat exchange: steam out in 50s.

Thermal conversion efficiency 80-90%, easy to decay;

Slow heat exchange: steam out in 30 minutes.

Environmental adaptability
Applicable to various environments, it can produce hot water and steam, and where the power capacity is insufficient, it can be heated through flexible transfer. It is suitable for various environments that meet the power capacity, and can produce hot water or steam.

Site requirements
It can be installed in various places, and the heating equipment is installed nearby, and there is no need to set up a special boiler room.

It can be installed in various places, and the heating equipment is installed nearby, and there is no need to set up a special boiler room.

Operation and Maintenance
AI control, simple operation, not easy to scale, maintenance-free, and low operating cost.

The heating rod has a high failure rate and is easy to scale. The heating rod needs to be replaced and maintained in about 1 year, and it is troublesome to clean the scale.

Environmentally friendly
With clean energy electricity as fuel, green and environmental protection, no dust, no peculiar smell, no noise. When heating, there is a "cluck" current sound and the sound of water boiling, which affects the work.


Guangdong Xiangxue Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Co., Ltd. Heating

Equipment use: high temperature extraction of drugs, CIP decontamination

Number of units: 8 units of 150KW

Temperature and pressure: 0.7mpa, 160℃

User feedback: green and environmental protection, no need to build a boiler room; intelligent control, no need to configure special equipment personnel, and cost reduction.




Xinjiang Ruyi Textile Heating

Equipment use: steam heating of textile thread rolls

Number of units: 2 150KW units

Temperature and pressure: 0.7mpa, 160℃

User feedback: fast heating speed, intelligent management and control, and intuitive and clear operation interface.


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