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Heavy rain floods Wuhan - Suntrans Intelligent Control helps Jiangcheng flood control and drainage
Heavy rain floods Wuhan - Suntrans Intelligent Control helps Jiangcheng flood control and drainage
author:Suntrans publication date:2017-09-02 views:203

Wuhan flood control emergency warning

  Wuhan's unique geographical location, every drop of rain must be pumped into the river through the pumping station. On the night of July 5, heavy rainfall struck Wuhan again. As of the afternoon of the 6th, there were 65 rainfall monitoring points in Wuhan exceeding 200 mm. It is understood that there are 402 pumping stations of various types in Wuhan, of which 52 important pumping stations are responsible for the safety of urban areas during flood season. According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Water Affairs Bureau, the total rainfall in Wuhan's flood season (May-September) this year is 1100-1200 mm, exceeding the total rainfall in the 1998 flood season by 1087.9 mm, exceeding the historical limit of rainfall. 

  Suntrans Intelligent Control ensures the full load of the pumping station after the transformation of "Internet-based + intelligent control"

  In 2012, Guangzhou Suntrans Control System Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. completed the transformation based on Internet + intelligent control on the management system of Wuhan Tangxunhu Pumping Station and the monitoring system of Dajunshan Pumping Station.

During this heavy rain, the domestic drainage in the four urban areas of Wuchang, Hongshan, Jiangxia and Donghu High-tech in Wuhan, totaling 420 square kilometers, all flowed into more than 10 lakes in the Tangxun Lake system. The huge amount of accumulated water in these more than 10 lakes needs to be discharged to the Yangtze River by the 15 water pump units of the Tangxun Lake Pumping Station.  

Stepping up drainage and lowering the lake water level has become a prominent task in front of pumping stations across Wuhan. In order to speed up the drainage progress, from the early morning of July 1, the management office of the Tangxun Lake Pumping Station started to run 15 units at full capacity 24 hours a day. In 8 days, nearly 100 million cubic meters of stagnant water has been pumped and drained. Equivalent to the water volume of an East Lake.  

Since April 6, the accumulative working hours of the units in the pumping station have exceeded 14,000 hours, and the total amount of accumulated water pumped and discharged is nearly 500 million cubic meters, equivalent to the water volume of four and a half East Lakes; The total pumping time is also less than 10,000 hours, and the total amount is only about 200 million cubic meters.  

  After the intelligent transformation of the fifteen 1000kw pumping stations, full-time input is guaranteed every year, and real-time monitoring can improve efficiency in the face of emergency flood drainage missions, so as to meet the requirements of 24-hour non-stop pumping and drainage operations for many consecutive days and undertake high-intensity The mission of drainage has become the largest and most reliable drainage project in Wuchang District.


At the same time, the Dajunshan Pumping Station in Wuhan City, where Suntrans has completed intelligent control, is mainly responsible for the safety of the 152-square-kilometer area in Hannan. Ten units (10,000kw) have been operating at full capacity so far, and the pumping station has pumped more than 50 million cubic meters around the clock. , equivalent to half the water of East Lake. Since the flood season, more than 100 million cubic meters of water have been pumped out. At the same time as guaranteeing the pumping task of this station, it was requested by Wuhan Defense Index to support Caidian pumping, involving an area of 846 square kilometers. At present, it will take another day for Hannan District to pump the water to the water level required by the city's defense guidelines, and then it will immediately support Caidian's pumping.  

Suntrans intelligent monitoring provides the "strongest brain" for flood control

Real-time monitoring, startup analysis, multimedia early warning, authorization management... Build a flood control and waterlogging prevention monitoring platform to monitor and control all points prone to water accumulation; remote monitoring of mechanical equipment in pumping stations and other places to achieve information and intelligent waterlogging prevention change. The drainage pipe network, pump station and sewage treatment plant together form the urban drainage system.

At the same time, the intelligent monitoring platform can realize the historical query, trend curve, data monitoring of the pumping stations in the city, where the drainage volume is, and information such as whether the work is normal can be clearly seen through the platform.

The technology and products owned by Suntrans Company have obtained a large number of successful cases in the field of hydrology and environmental monitoring technology, as well as automatic monitoring and information management of pumping stations, reservoirs, dams, and gates involving digital water conservancy, such as the Shenzhen Flood Control Facilities Management Office completed in 2004. The Internet + intelligent pumping station system of pumping station + sluice group has ensured that Luohu District will no longer suffer from the flooding disasters in the past, and ensured the safety of Luohu Railway Station for more than 12 years. From 2000 to 2004, Suntrans was a group of 40 pumping stations + sluice gates in Nanhai District of Foshan, forming an Internet + smart water conservancy system based on the government affairs network, which ensured the safe flood crossing in the South China Sea for more than ten years. These successful cases have creatively proposed a large number of advanced, reliable and long-term system solutions for related industries.

 Professor Zheng Guilin, doctoral supervisor of the Department of Automation of Wuhan University, said:"We can predict the flood control capability based on intelligent data. This kind of big data analysis is similar to the weather forecast, which can help us better grasp the load capacity of the city's pipeline network in emergency situations."

   If all pumping stations and sluice gates in Wuhan implement grid-based intelligent monitoring according to the Suntrans technology, the reliability, linkage and predictability of the system will directly improve the drainage capacity by 30% without increasing the infrastructure, saving energy15 %above.

In addition, ensure the 1.5m-2m storage space of the lake during the flood season, and lower the normal water level during the flood season according to the hydrological law to free up the storage capacity. In addition to the lake surface rate, the density of the water network is also the key.

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