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Heavy rain in Wuhai City, Suntrans Intelligent Drainage System Helps Flood Control and Drainage
Heavy rain in Wuhai City, Suntrans Intelligent Drainage System Helps Flood Control and Drainage
author:suntrans publication date:2022-08-23 views:314

Haibo District, Wuhai City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region experienced more than half a month of high temperature and dry weather in August. On the 17th, it changed from light rain to moderate rain. On the 18th, a blue rainstorm warning signal was issued. Actively prepare for prevention. In particular, the drainage system of traffic bridges and culverts is related to traffic safety, people's life safety and property safety.


It is understood that in previous years, when the rainfall was concentrated, the operation of the waterlogging and flood control system of bridges and culverts in Haibo District mainly relied on manual operation, which was difficult and inefficient. This year, Guangzhou Suntrans Control System Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. (referred to as Suntrans™) used the anti-clogging and drainage equipment with "recoil" function and advanced AC zero-crossing pump intelligent controller technology to intelligently transform the traditional drainage system of culverts , realizes the intelligent control and management of 2 drainage water pumps for each bridge and culvert, ensures the timely and efficient operation of waterlogging drainage in rainstorm weather and the safety of bridge culverts.


On August 6, 2022, Suntrans™ completed the intelligent transformation of the drainage system of 4 bridges and culverts of Renmin South Road Overpass, Jianshe Road Overpass, Boulevard Overpass and Hella Road Overpass in Bowan District and officially started operation.



On August 17, Haibo District began to enter the rainstorm period. During this period, Suntrans™ intelligent drainage system has been operating efficiently and stably. Up to now, the intelligent drainage system has drained 1,052 times in the culvert catchment well of Jianshe Road overpass, 944 times in the culvert catchment well of the Boulevard Overpass, 159 times in the culvert catchment well of the Hella Road Interchange, and 22 times in the culvert catchment well of the Renmin South Road Interchange. 



Among them, the intelligent drainage system discharges foreign objects 167 times in the culvert catchment well of Jianshe Road overpass, 68 times in the culvert catchment well of the boulevard overpass, and 25 times in the culvert catchment well of the Hella Road overpass. One-way pumping or drainage causes the water filter layer to be blocked by sediment, or a large amount of debris causes the drainage pump to be blocked, overloaded, and overheated, which ensures the safe and efficient operation of the drainage system and realizes the intelligent transformation of the drainage system process.



Suntrans Intelligent Drainage System is an autonomous drainage system formed by integrating the communication processing terminal and controller independently developed by Suntrans™, as well as with the floating ball as an annunciator to control the water pump. The collected data is transmitted through 4G signals and sent to the cloud It is processed and then pushed to the client, so that the data can be displayed intuitively, which is convenient for personnel monitoring, high management efficiency, simple operation, and fully intelligent management and control. It has become a typical demonstration of the intelligent drainage system in Haibo District.


During the torrential rain period, early Suntrans intelligent drainage system of the installation is complete shows its high efficiency, high security, high and stable running characteristics, not only to maintain the cuny bay area 4 big bridge culvert safety and traffic safety, got the recognition and praise of wuhai city municipal facilities management, provides the drainage problem of the culvert with effective solutions, is worth promoting intelligent drainage system, It is also a demonstration project for the construction of smart cities.


In addition, Suntrans™ intelligent drainage system has achieved a large number of successful cases, such as the Internet of Things intelligent project of 30 drainage pumping stations and supporting sluices in Nanhai District, Foshan; Integrated drainage automation project of Flood Control Facilities Management Office of Shenzhen Water Bureau; The automation and control of Tangxun Lake Big Pump Station water conservancy project in Wuchang District, Jiangxia District and Hongshan District of Wuhan City and the automation of Dajun Mountain Pump Station water conservancy project in Hanyang District have realized intelligent control and control, which provides an efficient solution to effectively solve the problem of urban water drainage.


Suntrans™ has been committed to energy control product technology research and development innovation, are willing to practice for the electrical power distribution system, including but not limited to: water construction, city of wisdom, and wisdom, the wisdom of electrification railway, ships, factories, wisdom wisdom hospital in areas such as revolution brings epochal power technical devices.

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