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Smart + carbon neutral is the inevitable trend of hotel industry development in the future
Smart + carbon neutral is the inevitable trend of hotel industry development in the future
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Digital, low-carbon, energy-saving hotels, especially the "near zero carbon" operation of the hotel is the development trend and the direction of progress.The digital technology and series products of energy, power and information are changing with each passing day. It is of great significance to build a more design sense, experience sense and convenient check-in experience for the hotel, and improve the hotel's operating safety, low-carbon and intelligent new generation of intelligent hotel energy and AI operating system.Suntrans™ has been engaged in automation and intelligent series of intelligent iot products for 30 years. Through the practice of high-efficiency and energy-saving upgrading of large hotels and the construction of a new five-star luxury hotel smart system, the company has formed a core series of smart hotel technology products with independent intellectual property rights as the basis, with the overall flexible intelligent power distribution system as the platform, and explored a successful case for new hotels and hotel smart upgrading, which has become the low-carbon and energy-saving demonstration of the Ministry of Environmental Protection in 2022.


Smart hotel development and current situation


Smart hotels have been popular in China for many years. As early as 2001, some high-star hotels in Shanghai began to build smart hotels according to the "Intelligent Building Design Standard 2000". Shanghai Ruihong Tower Hotel is the most typical one, which was rated as the only 5A Class A smart building in Shanghai at that time.In 2010, Hangzhou Yellow Dragon Hotel cooperated with IBM and spent 1 billion to build the first "smart hotel" in China, setting a model for the development of smart hotels in China. Since then, the hotel industry began to explore the wisdom.


In 2014, the "China Smart Hotel Alliance" announced its establishment, and China's smart hotels entered a new stage of comprehensive construction and development.By 2018, Marriott, Shangri-La, Home Inns, Jinjiang and other well-known hotel groups at home and abroad have launched new measures in the field of "smart hotels".At the same time, business giants such as Tencent, Ali, Baidu, Wanda and Suning have also begun to invest in the field of smart hotels, and smart construction has become a hot spot in the development of the hotel industry.


However, the simple superposition of science and technology, relying only on the weak patchwork of dozens or even dozens of different electronic and information systems, the realization of the "smart hotel" is not satisfactory in terms of practicality, reliability, wisdom and other aspects.The construction practice of many "smart hotels" proves that a large number of electronic products flood into the field of smart hotel management and control, but their practical performance is not good, especially the super complex cabling, which brings confusion to the long-term reliable operation and maintenance of smart hotels.Especially in the context of the current two-carbon policy, according to the standards and norms, the energy consumption of these smart hotels even fails to meet the basic "three requirements" of "measurable, reportable and auditable".Hotels with dozens of weak current intelligent systems also lack important basic energy saving and consumption reduction functions such as comprehensive energy control, active fire protection, intelligent operation and maintenance, and high efficiency air conditioning.


In fact, most of today's "smart hotels" are still passive buildings that maintain comfort by optimizing passive measures such as air tightness, insulation, heat recovery, passive solar energy and external shading, minimizing the role of air conditioning systems and ensuring a level of comfort in the building.This way of energy saving mainly relies on passive technology, there is no carbon emissions data ledger, information management system is numerous and complex, data connection information island, energy state has no unified measurement, the "visualization" instead of "digital", managers can only see but can not directly control management. This will increase the invisible labor cost, high operation and maintenance costs, and energy saving effect is not obvious.The development of high quality "smart hotel" is the active energy saving way, the focus is to consider the innovation of hotel construction technology, in solving the comfort of the hotel using intelligent equipment automation technology adjustment, which mainly depends on the development of information technology and the application of all kinds of intelligent control technology level.




Carbon peak and carbon neutrality is the development goal of energy transformation of the whole society, which is a complex system engineering.Combined with China's energy structure system and resource endowments, the 14th Five-Year Plan for Building Energy Conservation and Green Building Development proposes that by 2025, over 350 million square meters of existing buildings will be renovated to conserve energy, and over 50 million square meters of ultra-low energy consumption and near-zero energy consumption buildings will be built... The renewable energy replacement rate for urban buildings reached 8 percent, and electricity consumption accounted for more than 55 percent of building energy consumption.



With the goal of "double carbon" as a national strategic task, the construction of smart hotels should focus on the development direction of intelligent energy management and control, intelligent operation and maintenance, logistics management and control and AI service, and push forward to the direction of three-dimensional digital energy management and control and Internet of Things to achieve energy saving and consumption reduction of the hotel.In particular, under the background of improving the efficiency of air conditioning, curbing energy waste and ensuring experience, the hotel will comprehensively update the five energy sources of water, electricity, heat and cold in an extremely energy-saving way, truly promoting the hotel's intelligent transformation and becoming a new force for the implementation of the double carbon target.


Smart + carbon neutral solution


Many hotels are experimenting with energy conservation, emission reduction and digitalization.Suntrans™, as a high-tech enterprise of integrated energy management and control in the power Internet of Things, has developed and practiced smart hotel solutions based on the overall flexible intelligent distribution system through a large number of cases.The advantage lies in the combination of strong electric intelligent terminal and high-performance software platform, which realizes the intelligent comprehensive management and dynamic control of water, electricity, heat and cold energy of the hotel, forming a unique hotel intelligent + carbon neutral solution.


01 People-oriented wisdom

Steve Jobs once said: in the DNA of Apple, it is not enough to emphasize technology alone. Only when technology is fully combined with humanity, can we develop fascinating products.This view is particularly useful for the use of technology in the hotel industry.Smart hotel is not a simple combination of various high technologies, but a technology application based on people's quality experience and from the perspective of market consumers.On the customer-oriented side, convenience, wisdom and intimate are the core of its intelligence. On the hotelier side, it can fully control the five major energy sources of water, electricity, heat and cold of the hotel to a transparent, digital and intelligent level, so as to win the satisfaction of customers. Let the hotel manager realize low carbon, energy saving, intelligent operation and maintenance, become a new generation of intelligent hotel, realize the value concept of the new era.


The smart hotel system of Suntrans™has designed the tavern management software and mobile client APP software that echo the hotel iot cloud.Every check-in customer is entitled to the control rights during his/her stay in the room. The mobile App can provide hotel video and audio entertainment, environmental monitoring, hotel service, hotel catering, hotel guidance, business travel service, social interaction and other services.Customers can choose national or international channels, movie or TV channels, music appreciation or video appreciation according to their preferences.When you want to renew your stay or check out, book a car, make an emergency rescue, or call the front desk, you can directly handle the operation in the hotel service column. At the same time, the interface also displays the indoor and outdoor environmental health index in real time, always pay attention to the customer's living environment, and provides a cleaning mode for consumers to make an appointment to clean the room, and always keep the indoor environment sanitary, clean and tidy.



Hotel intelligent transformation is the most simple and intuitive embodiment of the intelligent equipment.In particular, the contactless service formed by using mobile APP, voice control, panel control and other intelligent products not only brings efficient and convenient user experience to customers, but also greatly reduces the direct contact between people and things.This will undoubtedly increase the safety factor in the era of epidemic, so that customers can enjoy a healthy and safe life.The most basic smart transformation Suntrans™ provides for smart hotel rooms is the realization of mobile control, voice control and panel control.


The voice control service provided by Suntrans™ allows customers to switch on and off electrical appliances such as lamps, televisions, air conditioners and curtains in their rooms by voice control, realizing the convenient intelligent life that many young people dream of "lying down instead of standing, talking instead of touching".Of course, customers can also experience the convenient life of "one-button intelligent dimming and color adjustment" through Suntrans™'s guest room APP, realize the extreme adjustment of lighting and color, and switch the sleeping mode, leisure mode, reading mode or comfort mode at any time to achieve personalized life needs.




02 Low carbon transformation aiming at energy saving and consumption reduction

With the implementation of the "two-carbon" target strategy, the "carbon strength" of energy conservation and carbon reduction will become the core competitiveness of enterprise ESGs in the future.As a public facility, the hotel industry is a sub-battlefield of the "two carbon" strategy. Therefore, the intelligent transformation should take energy control and "three functions" MRV as the important content, take the lowest cost of future operation to achieve carbon neutrality as the ultimate value trend, and carry out intelligent and efficient control and upgrade of the comprehensive energy of water, electricity, heat and cold in various areas of the hotel, so as to stand out in the fierce industry competition, especially by the new generation of young people growing up under the background of "green".Suntrans™ integrated flexible intelligent power distribution system, in the most concise way to manage the hotel's water, electricity, heat and cold five energy intelligently. In order to improve the energy efficiency of hotel infrastructure, provide the most scientific, reliable and economical digital infrastructure for dynamic control, active fire protection and energy saving of every energy source in the hotel, achieve overall energy saving and consumption reduction, and further realize carbon neutrality.


Guest room control system

For the hotel, the guest room is not only an important place for the customer to stay in the experience, but also the main place for the energy consumption of water, electricity, cold and hot. Therefore, at the same time of intelligent transformation, the core is to realize the Internet of things management and control of water, electricity, heat and cold in guest rooms, which is incorporated into the hotel management and control system to realize the dynamic management and control of every lamp, every socket, every fan coil, every valve, and so on. Accurate measurement, active protection, and safety state diagnosis lay the Internet of Things system and foundation for safe operation, intelligent operation and sub-measurement.


Suntrans™ Innovative AC zero crossing arc-free relay protection controller, intensive to achieve a highly secure power management system. Accurate measurement, precise control, relay protection, edge computing and composite communication are incorporated into the electric Internet of Things terminal to realize the intelligent and intelligent operation of the hotel. The supporting fan coil control terminal of the Internet of Things can carry out intelligent control of the fan coil of the guest room, and the supporting Doppler radar intelligent measurement and control device can feed back the personnel activities in the guest room, and realize real-time feedback and closed-loop control of the guest room customer check-in, electricity consumption and air conditioning use. On the premise of ensuring excellent experience, it achieves extreme energy saving and high-quality energy service, which is more comfortable and intimate than the traditional light control system. When perceiving that no one is in the guest room, the AI system will implement active energy control to control energy waste.



Example: During the construction of the luxury five-star "Guangzhou Xianglan Guanzhou Hotel", Suntrans™ has completed the hotel room system based on the flexible intelligent power distribution system. Each lighting, each air conditioning fan coil, each exhaust fan and each socket in the guest room have realized one-to-one measurement, protection, control and edge calculation, and completed the intelligent management and control of the Internet of Things of the whole hotel, so as to make the hotel run in a near zero-carbon state. Users can realize the whole process control from source to end through the intelligent energy management and control platform, and realize the coordination and optimization of different forms of energy through the algorithm model, which greatly guarantees the comprehensive energy efficiency of the hotel. At the same time, intelligent management and control can reduce the number of management and control personnel of the hotel's power distribution system, so as to achieve abnormal prediction, early warning and forecast, and ensure the luxury experience and wisdom of the hotel while ensuring the minimum energy consumption operation.



Public area control system

The public areas of the hotel are the key places of energy consumption, such as halls, corridors, various banquet halls, conference rooms, etc., mainly lighting and air conditioning energy consumption is relatively large. In the intelligent construction of these areas, we should not only achieve comfortable and elegant atmosphere scenes, but also consider the core issues of energy saving and consumption reduction and net zero carbon operation.



Lighting part:Suntrans™ Intelligent lighting system, through the arc zero zero intensive intelligent lighting controller, to achieve one to one public areas, or a pair of multiple lighting intelligent control. According to the functional differentiation of different areas, the specific control of lighting can complete any combination of situational control and one-to-one control. As an important part of the Internet of Things for energy management and control, it can realize intelligent lighting control through edge computing or cloud coordination, synchronously realize the diagnosis of lamp health status, abnormal prediction, early warning and forecast, and integrate with feedback sensor (sixth sense or sensor) into intelligent lighting control system.



Hotel lobby:As the first experience point of the hotel, its lamp control, combination and other scenarios are very key. The lighting system of the lobby is dynamically controlled by the Internet of Things hotel management and control system, and the lighting effect is intelligently adjusted according to the operation period, scene and event of the lobby. A large integrated energy control display touch screen is installed in the reception area of the lobby, allowing managers and customers to directly experience the overall comprehensive energy control level of the hotel and the implementation of the refined low-carbon energy saving concept. In various functions and different time periods of the reception area, management staff can operate without code programming through the Suntrans™ Smart Hotel App, preset any variety of lighting scenes, freely choose or modify the lighting scene. At the same time, the system will make full use of natural light at certain times and realize automatic sunshine compensation according to the illumination of light. When the weather is gloomy or night falls, the large crystal chandelier and the main lighting in the hall will gradually be automatically brightened. When the outdoor sun is shining, the system will automatically dim the lights, so as to maintain the required brightness indoors, achieving the ultimate experience and energy saving.


Hotel corridor:According to the requirements of the system intelligent operation and maintenance, according to the setting of the front desk, can construct the intelligent corridor lighting function. "All on", "2/3 lamps on", "1/3 lamps on", "partition on", "all off", "night" and other lighting scenes, Or "morning", "afternoon", "evening", "late night", "holiday", "special requirements", "all closed", "security patrol", "clean mode", "emergency lighting" and other modes, through Suntrans™ edge computing controller, sensor, sixth sense to achieve intelligent operation and maintenance. Since all controllers are AC zero crossing and no impact, the service life of lamps and lanterns will be extended, and the advanced prediction and early warning of lamp replacement will be realized after the lamps and lanterns are aging to a certain extent.


Central air conditioning system:This is the largest power consumption device in the public areas of the hotel.Suntrans™ ultra-efficient central air conditioning system implements AI control, the supporting terminal ST-RTU-HVAC, embedded in high-performance data processing, control logic analysis, advanced and reliable "terminal" echo "cloud", laying the intelligent hardware and software foundation for the construction of ultra-efficient air conditioning system. At the same time, the use of PDWC nonlinear control algorithm, will be for each equipment, each sensor set up a scientific periodic function, for freezing, cooling water pump dynamic adjustment, PDWC can be in 3 seconds level within the small window, dynamic control of each equipment, PDWC will guarantee each refrigeration, HVAC unit dynamic optimization operation. When the cooling load is lower than 15%, the start-stop control and intermittent operation of PDWC can realize the second-level intelligent control and control, and realize the low-carbon and energy-saving concept of not letting the equipment work inefficiently for one second.



Upgrade case:Guangzhou Mediterranean International Hotel super efficient central air conditioning intelligent control project. In May 2020,Suntrans™ completed the intelligent transformation of the central air conditioner of the Mediterranean Hotel. On July 1st, it officially put into AI unmanned full intelligent operation. After 21 months of actual operation, the comprehensive average EER of the central air conditioner room in 21 months reached 5.8, and the energy saving rate reached 60.5%. In 2021, the central air conditioning room of the Mediterranean Hotel became "carbon neutral".



Hot water supply control system

When upgrading the near-zero carbon hotel, it should respond to the call of ten national ministries and commissions to replace electricity, no longer use coal, oil, natural gas and other fossil energy, implement the means of improving energy efficiency and curbing demand, and use clean electricity inside and outside the site as the zero carbon emission of the hotel construction operation stage, which can also be called zero carbon hotel or carbon neutral hotel. The magnetic coupling thermal unit system of Suntrans™ is an energy-saving, ultra-efficient and high-grade thermal system developed to meet this need. It replaces gas and coal boilers and provides the cleanest thermal energy for hotels to meet the heating, bathing, cleaning, laundry and other thermal needs.



In terms of heat supply, most hotels still maintain the traditional gas-fired boiler, which is not only inefficient, needs to consume a large amount of coal fuel, but also produces a large amount of carbon gas, making it difficult to achieve carbon neutrality. Moreover, as special equipment, it brings confusion to hotel management and operation.



The Magnetically coupled Thermal Unit System developed by Suntrans™ can directly convert electrical energy into thermal energy with an efficiency of 98%, and generate laundry steam, heating hot water and bath hot water required by the hotel through board exchange. Multiple "magnetic steam and thermal systems" work together. Under the background of limited power load, the system uses PDWC algorithm to heat the heat storage tank water of the hotel's thermal system to 95°C during the power supply period, realizing effective cost reduction and ensuring that all hot water in the hotel is boiled and disinfected, effectively improving the health of the hotel's hot water,to provide customers with a safe and comfortable experience.


The conversion of heating energy from fossil fuel to clean electric energy is a remarkable feature of magnetically coupled thermal unit system. At the same time, the magnetic coupling thermodynamic unit system has extraordinary heat conversion efficiency, because its output temperature can be up to 200°, so the heat exchange efficiency with the normal temperature water will be 15 times faster than the heat pump (air energy, usually only 50°C water, but also need outdoor units, pipes, etc.), so the valley electric power can be effectively used for thermal energy storage. At the same time, the system product is highly efficient heat generation with hysteresis thermal effect mechanism, zero CO2 emission, zero pollution, micro-volume, non-special equipment, is the best efficient heat generator. Under the same conditions, the magnetic coupling thermal unit system can produce heat or hot water with different parameters anytime and anywhere for the hotel under the background of minimal space occupation, while realizing the hotel is more efficient, more energy saving and more environmental protection.


Dynamic control system of drainage pump

Collecting well:During the rainy season, hotel building catchments, especially in the south, serve as flood protection barriers and high energy consumption systems. When the water level of the catchment well rises to a certain height, the water must be pumped out of the ground and into the municipal drainage network. At present, the traditional catchment control of hotels is an island of information. It is of great significance to incorporate these powerful drainage systems into the hotel's comprehensive energy management and control Internet of Things, so that it can reach an intelligent level and realize active drainage in specific periods. The more reliable, safe and intelligent Suntrans™ flexible distribution arc-free controller is adopted to realize dynamic optimization of flood drainage, and the redundant power is used as the electric energy for car charging, which is also an important measure of energy conservation and emission reduction.


Comprehensive energy intelligent control system

The hotel adopts the "overall flexible intelligent power distribution system" recommended by Suntrans™ to achieve "strong power + weak power + active fire control + smart light control + big data smart operation and maintenance". The hotel's big data system and SuntransPlat, a cloud platform for comprehensive energy management and control, will provide the basis for monitoring and control of 100% ADR (demand side response) data of power demand side and dynamic calculation of energy efficiency. The big data collection service of electrical data in the hotel completes the real-time IoT operation and the status diagnosis of the whole hotel's whole life cycle energy equipment, the abnormal perception and identification of the electrical equipment in the system, and the prediction, warning and prediction function of the abnormal, to realize the big data operation and maintenance decision and dynamic analysis.



SuntransPlat cloud platform can synthesize, analyze and decide the three-dimensional energy and status information of the whole hotel in real time, comprehensively, categorically and specifically, including but not limited to: electricity, current, voltage, power, environment, statistical analysis, electrical efficiency, energy consumption, carbon emissions, water pump, water pressure, water temperature, water level of the catchment well and other information. According to the big data gathered by the whole system, all kinds of dynamic and real-time charts can be displayed. By selecting the data to be compared, each floor, each region and each equipment can be compared with the time unit of day, month and year, and the situation can be clearly compared, which provides data support for hotel managers to optimize operation and save cost.


The system platform can also display the working dynamic and historical situation of the equipment on each floor of the hotel in real time, and set the display screen and touch screen at any required location. Through identity identification, the system can be controlled according to the authority. According to the actual layout plan of the electrical equipment or BIM display, the manager can directly point control the electrical equipment on the floor plan on the touch screen. The interface is intuitive and simple, the operation is convenient and user-friendly.



Compared with the construction of traditional power distribution and automatic control system, the overall flexible intelligent power distribution system cloud platform has more powerful functions. Superior to the traditional PLC controller architecture of electronic product management and control system, edge computing power and real-time effect, can be more advanced, reliable, real-time implementation of more user-friendly management, control, analysis and other operating platforms, promote the hotel by human management, into artificial intelligence management, improve management efficiency, reduce operation and maintenance costs, improve system energy efficiency ratio, energy saving and emission reduction, Significant economic benefits in the whole life cycle.


With the rapid changes of The Times, challenges and opportunities coexist. "Digital economy" and "low-carbon economy" have become global hot spots, and the smart + carbon neutral development mode of the hotel industry is an inevitable trend in the future. How to make use of the power of science and technology to achieve transformation and win a place in the golden market is worth further exploration of the hotel industry. Suntrans™ as the representative of the strong electric Internet of Things comprehensive energy management and control high-tech enterprises, has done a good job in promoting the hotel industry into the digital, energy saving, low carbon new channel system hardware and software support, for the hotel industry to participate in the realization of the double carbon goal, into the digital, the Internet of things to provide the most convenient, the most reliable, the most advanced, the most economical solution.


Suntrans™ has been deeply committed to integrated energy management and control of the Internet of Things for 30 years. The company promotes independent innovation and the demand-side management and control series technology of the electric Internet of Things which has been practiced by hundreds of outstanding cases, and creates a new generation of smart buildings and smart cities with "overall flexible intelligent distribution system" as the core. The company's innovative AC zero-crossing arc-free strong current relay controller series technology pushes the power distribution from the arcing out era to the arcing free era; The era of intelligent weak current, leading into the era of intelligent strong current. A large number of cases have proved that the "overall flexible intelligent distribution system" is the most intensive, the most convenient, the most safe and the most economical refined comprehensive energy dynamic control and intelligent operation and maintenance solution.

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