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Suntrans™ Smart Electric Controller—From electronic to electrical
Suntrans™ Smart Electric Controller—From electronic to electrical
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Controllers are the core equipment in all industries,and the five primary energy production processes , electricity,petroleum,heat,cooling and water. It is the most crucial equipment for digitising and intelligence of facilities in the industry, construction, municipal and  people's livelihood or every smart industry equipment.It is known as the brain & ability power of the control system.The controller's safety,reliability and security reflect a control system’s science and technology advantage.The most remarkable thing is that the power system's controller controls the electromagnetic process of 300,000 km/s and the  power volume from several watts to around 1000kW one set and with a quantity of billion at the city power voltage stage, which manages and contains all the equipment on both the electrical supply and demand sides. Therefore,the power controller's performance and reliability are at the system's core.It is also the key to determining whether it can achieve safe, efficient, intelligent control.



Six functions of the controller in general:  

1) Dynamic online monitoring of the parameters of electrical equipment and intelligent processing decisions according to these parameters; 

2) Accurate control of electrical equipment to complete various tasks according to the established logic; 

3) Achieve all-around electric relay protection and parameter setting for electrical load security monitoring;  

4) Reliable communication and interaction of the terminal controller to the cloud platform;  

5) Based on the cloud Big Data analysis decision-making mechanism,the controller can ensure edge computing so the system is correctly managed and optimised.The process can be constantly managed and controlled under any circumstances.Electrical equipment's health diagnosis and ensure that it is maintained and adjustable so that the  "Power Internet of Things system" is executed according to the optimal or established functions, performance, decisions and states;  

6) Achieve highly reliable and intelligent "effective low-carbon operation and efficient control".


Suntrans™ Intelligent Electric Controller results from 17 years of  research, transformation, application and iteration. It is also the first  generation of "electrical power controllers instead of the used electronic  ones" worldwide. Compared with the electronic controllers of major  international brands, such as Siemens, ABB, Schneider, Etc., the controller of SuntransTM Intelligent Electric Controller, in an era of  electronic products (products without compulsory power certification),  has advanced into the "electrical power controller" that can withstand  mandatory electrical certification with high reliability, high performance  and power—the era of the Internet of Things. With the safest, most  reliable, intelligent Internet of Things, and affordable, this series of  controllers realise the intensive completion of AIoT interaction and  intelligent operation and maintenance of the power system from the  power source to demand-side loads.



Electronic controllers of major brands in various countries must  integrate with the complex "PLC + power sensor + protection relay +  various power contactors" to form a complex control system for power  objects because these systems have been facing "arc" and "arc  extinguishing" in the process of controlling power equipment. At the  same time, it is necessary to solve the integration of an information  collection system and electrical system, which makes it difficult for the  system to meet the construction of today's high-quality and highly  reliable electrical distribution system and intelligent system.


The AC zero-point power controller is an innovative achievement of  the Suntrans™ Intelligent Electric Controller, which enables the  mechanical power contactor to have a powerful product that accurately  controls the on-off at the zero point of alternating current. The  intensification realises the integration of "precision measurement,  accurate control, relay protection, composite communication, and high-performance edge computing capability, makes the successor The  electrical protection control switch has a controller that completes  complex edge computing and has become a "power Internet of Things  terminal" with accurate AC through zero points. As a result, an integrated  "power Internet of Things" era was born, allowing the distribution system  to enter the era of an "overall flexible, intelligent power distribution system". From then on, the construction of an overall flexible power  distribution system can complete the six functions of "power operation  process monitoring, the guarantee of power equipment operation safety,  power equipment health diagnosis, power load staggered peak and  valley planning, and power load virtual power plant architecture", which  can effectively and conveniently realise the demand-side response of the  power system. From then on, the carbon peak in related fields has yet  to lay a digital foundation for further green energy consumption.



The function of monitoring and controlling the power system with an  arc-less intelligent controller & the relay protection function: when the  current exceeds the set warning value of the relay protection of the  corresponding power measurement and control channel: trigger the  early warning information, inform relevant technicians, and pay attention  to the abnormality of the specific electrical load; when the current  exceeds the relay protection of the corresponding power measurement  and control channel Set the protection value: the controller will precisely  remove beyond the set value channel to ensure the safety of the electric  load and the safety of the power distribution system; realise the effective  guarantee of active fire protection and electrical safety state,  fundamentally eliminate the occurrence of fire, and escort the safe  operation of the system in the AI state, especially without arc burning.  The contact makes the AC zero-point power controller have a service  life of more than one million times, which is 200 times longer than that of  the sensing arc-existing power contactor, which is safer, more reliable  and more accurate. Programmable and edge computing functions:  When the I/O corresponding to the terminal of the controller changes  with the logic or established state, the edge computing of the controller  will be in action, analysis, decision-making, control response logic  control, and complete the intelligent management of the power Internet  of Things terminal. Especially for the temperature control system, liquid  level control system, fan control system and transmission control system,  integrating these programmable functions makes the AI closed-loop  control system constructed to achieve maximum intensification, reliable and convenient.



Accurate measurement function: It has the process of collecting  voltage, current, power, power factor, electric energy and other power  parameters. The collection speed is 100 times per second, and the  measurement accuracy is ≤ 0.5%. The accurate measurement of these  power parameters is the intelligent load controller to achieve load  identification, intellectual protection, energy consumption analysis,  carbon emission evaluation, Etc. It provides a foundation and combines  robust computing power within the intelligent load controller. It can  provide innovative, safe, convenient, energy-saving and other services  for the entire power system. As the intelligent terminal of the power  Internet of Things, the smart power controller echoes the SuntransPlat  Big Data Cloud Platform for massive energy data processing, analysis  and control. With PDWC as the core technical algorithm, it builds a  measurable, controllable and adjustable overall flexible intelligence for  power distribution and power consumption. The energy distribution  system, the demand-side response system, ensures the power side's  safety, reliability, convenience and energy saving. It is a necessary  technical means to achieve carbon peaking and carbon neutrality in  power systems and urban construction. It is the most economical way  to realise MRV intensively.


Fifteen years of continuous research and development iteration:  Suntrans™ Intelligent Electric Controller's innovative wholly IP-independent AC zero-point-crossing power intelligent controller has  entered mass production. More than 150,000 controllers have been  working on versatile scenic projects since 2011. User feedback  satisfaction is high. It is a significant step ahead since Nicolas Tesla  invented AC power to get rid of the "electricity arc", which is a direct power controller product that makes power distribution and controls more reliable, advanced, simplified, and economical. It has been  affirmed and praised by Howard Michel, former chairman of the  International Association of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).  He believes "this is an innovative technology that might change the  world's electricity standards, which is of great significance.". The arc-free intelligent controller passed the mandatory certification of CCC's  "relay control switch" 14048 in 2013. The series of products have passed  the compulsory certification of CQC-related 14048 regulations. It was  also listed and recommended in the catalogue of campus accident  prevention products of the Ministry of Emergency Security in 2018. ,  Guangdong Provincial's famous and excellent innovative science and  technology products, Etc.


Suntrans™ Co. has been committed to the field of digital intelligent  energy management and control for 30 years, including science, industry  and trade in technology product innovation, energy management and  control system development and application, including but not limited to  AC zero point technology, arc-free intelligent controller, "overall flexible,  intelligent power distribution system", "SuntransPLat /IoT Cloud  platform", electromagnetic Smart Steam Cube & Electromagnetic  Thermal Drying Cabinet, Etc. Working hard in smart cities, buildings,  campuses, intelligent homes, bright water, smart factories and other  fields, it is the most intensive, safest and economical energy  digitalisation and low-carbon energy-saving innovative technology  products worth promoting and applying in all walks of life.

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