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[June Issue, Pivot Magazine] Zheng Guilin, Chairman of Suntrans Zhikong: "Smart City" is not so mysterious
[June Issue, Pivot Magazine] Zheng Guilin, Chairman of Suntrans Zhikong: "Smart City" is not so mysterious
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50%, this is the power saving data after the "Internet + Smart Power Management" system was installed in the student apartments of Wuhan University. "

Students and administrators can monitor, control, and pay bills on the electricity consumption of the dormitory in real time through the mobile phone app, which reduces wasteful phenomena such as no lights in the dormitory and lights in the daytime. The investment in the dormitory load identification technology has eliminated the use of bad loads such as 50W electric mattresses in the dormitory, and the large electrical appliances that exceed the parameter settings can be removed in time, so that the invisible and untouchable electricity is transparent, digitized, and large. Data-based, the system has served more than 3,000 students from the Department of Informatics and the Department of Medicine of Wuhan University. In the past two years, under the premise of ensuring the safety of students' electricity use to the greatest extent, there has not been a single electricity overload incident, nor has there been any electrical safety. fire accident. Zheng Guilin, a professor and doctoral supervisor at the School of Power and Mechanics of Wuhan University, told the "Fulcrum" reporter.

This power management system is developed by Guangzhou Suntrans Control System Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Suntrans Intelligent Control"), including high-performance synchronous energy management and control system software, mobile app and all Internet + hardware equipment, such as: intelligent load control devices, smart meters, and smart network data acquisition units. The system integrates energy metering, online charging management, power consumption process management, and bad load identification. It is the first high-tech energy management and control system in the world to realize automatic charging within ten minutes.

The key to "de-capacity" is to control costs

Another identity of Zheng Guilin is the founder of Suntrans Zhikong.  

After the resumption of the college entrance examination, the first batch of doctors who were independently trained in my country came out of the campus one after another. Zheng Guilin, who graduated from Wuhan University with a Ph.D. in 1989, was determined to join the industry after two years as the director of the instrument laboratory in a research institute in Guangzhou.

"In those days, starting a business was purely entrepreneurial, with ideas and technology, but no money in your pocket. It was very difficult." Zheng Guilin recalled that there were seven or eight partners who started the business together, but the conditions for the water conservancy automation project they were engaged in were too rudimentary. After a few months, he was the only one left.

Influenced by the spirit of hard work, Zheng Guilin has accumulated some capital after several years of persistent efforts. He decided not to be an agent of foreign automation companies, but to be a research and development company that develops software and hardware with independent intellectual property rights, with a high starting point and functions more adapted to China's national conditions.

In 1998, through the introduction of talents from Wuhan University, Zheng Guilin returned to his alma mater to teach. It has laid a better academic platform and a broader stage for realizing its own scientific and technological innovation.

"The people who started the business with me back then were actually brothers or classmates, and now many of them have become veterans of Hubei's high-tech industry. The technological innovation company I insist on is a company that burns money quickly and makes money slowly. field." Zheng Guilin sighed, "If you just do engineering, your life will be more nourished. However, decades of study and engineering experience in electrical automation and sensors have made Zheng Guilin full of various inspirations and innovative impulses.

Technological innovation is a high-intensity work full of shock and risks. Unspeakable hardships often make people unable to understand others and are in a "lonely" situation. Only with a firm inner direction can we remain silent in the failure of experiments again and again. Give up, and finally usher in the dawn of success. One day in 2006, Zheng Guilin drove to a construction site hundreds of miles away to repair the automatic control equipment in use. A switch at the scene failed due to arc burning,cause the project to stop. This is the most frequent equipment failure in the electrical system. If we can accurately capture the action of the switch at the zero-crossing point of the alternating current and create an intelligent switch that does not pull arcs, the power distribution system can enter the arc-free safety and longevity. , a new era of reliability. Inspiration flashed, and in the following ten years, Zheng Guilin led the team to repeatedly experiment and test, not only realized the epoch-making AC zero-crossing series high-performance electrical load controller with power distribution system, but also obtained the certification and inspection of the industry, becoming a "" "Internet + intelligent power management and control" can echo the third-generation hardware products of "cloud" and become an international leading "terminal" in the fields of smart city, intelligent manufacturing, energy saving and emission reduction.

After more than 20 years of accumulation, Suntrans Zhikong currently has more than 40 patented technologies, including 2 international invention patents and 12 epoch-making national invention patents, and has developed a series of independent intellectual property rights through the combination of production, education and research. complete sets of technologies and products. The relay-type "AC zero-crossing" load controller is one of them. To put it simply, 110 years ago, Tesla invented the alternating current that is widely used today, and 100% of the electrical loads are connected to the power system through switches or load controllers. The traditional switch, when closing or breaking, will have a voltage impact on the load. When breaking, due to the existence of the current, an arc will occur. The high temperature of the arc will cause the mechanical contactor to burn, resulting in short life and high failure rate. Due to the increase of the on-resistance, it increases the energy consumption and the hidden danger of electricity safety. The innovative power intelligent load controller can accurately control the switch to be switched on at the zero-crossing point of voltage, or break at the zero-crossing point of current, which can 100% avoid arcing, and integrates measurement, protection, control, communication, and programmable functions.  

"Many technology companies are also making smart switches now, but the biggest difference between us and them is that they are making electronic low-power consumer-grade remote control switches that can only be used for home use, while what we make is equipment-grade and can be used in industry. Several kilowatts and hundreds of kilowatts of electrical equipment on the production line." Zheng Guilin introduced that through the development of independent intellectual property rights, the company has now realized the communication between the power management and control terminals, the echo between the terminal and the "cloud", and can pass "Cloud" realizes intelligent energy management and control and implements any energy-saving and emission-reduction solutions.  

"The basic energy consumption of many heavy and energy-intensive industries in our country is nearly double that of developed countries, and the main operating cost of many buildings is electricity. Huge application space and room for development." Zheng Guilin believes that in the context of industrial restructuring, the key to "cutting overcapacity" is to control costs, and whoever has higher costs will be "out of the game".

Intelligence is sometimes just a "switch"

Energy saving and saving human resources are undoubtedly the main theme of intelligent manufacturing and future urban municipal management and control.

But in the eyes of scientists, energy saving is far more than simply replacing a 20-watt light bulb with a 5-watt light bulb, which means that the entire electrical structure must be overturned.  

"Many energy-saving products are now added, and the original structure is indispensable. However, through independent innovation and the adoption of a more scientific distribution electrical structure, we finally realize intelligence without increasing costs. At present, Suntrans Intelligent Control The advanced technology turns this process into a simple switch from a traditional switch to an intelligent load controller." Zheng Guilin said.

Of course, the application range of intelligent power management and control technology is very wide. In Zheng Guilin's view, "As long as there is electricity where there is power, there is room for power saving, that is, the entire power distribution industry needs a new generation of "Internet + intelligent power management". Energy-saving and emission-reduction transformation, for the management and control of electricity consumption, there is no difference in the industry, it is a construction process that refines and transparentizes the electricity consumption process.”  

"The so-called 'intelligence' is actually to be able to sense, monitor, control, and program, monitoring + control + software + strategy, that is automation, can be applied to all industries, and the means to solve all problems are the same Yes." Zheng Guilin thought.

Zheng Guilin takes urban transportation as an example to explain this point of view. If there are 10,000 traffic intersections in a city, as long as the traffic command at each intersection adopts the intelligent load controller to realize the management and control based on "Internet + intelligent transportation", and is equipped with intelligent traffic flow monitoring sensors, it is to form a system based on "terminal monitoring + terminal control". + Cloud decision-making" system, that is: in coordination with the analysis and calculation of the city's traffic flow, intelligently allocate the time of each traffic light in real time, and implement the "cloud" release of the control traffic light interval through the intelligent load controller, plus big data analysis software As a matrix decision-making support for the time interval of traffic lights at 10,000 intersections, this system will increase the traffic volume by at least 20%. At present, during the peak period, the traffic volume will also increase by 20%. It will be very important to invest in road infrastructure. huge. 

"In fact, as long as each industry has done its own monitors and controllers, it will add up to a very large intelligent system, and the energy saving efficiency will be quite high." Zheng Guilin said.

The power management system of the student dormitory of Wuhan University mentioned above is only a very small application. The technology of Suntrans Zhikong has already been used in more industrial production and urban management fields. Large-scale urban complexes, steel companies, flood control facilities management offices, flash flood warnings, etc. are all customers of Suntrans Intelligent Control.

  In the current very popular smart home, a product called "Sixth Sense" developed by Suntrans Zhikong, which uses mobile phone touch as a smart "entry point", integrates active fire warning, toxic and flammable gases (formaldehyde) , PM1 value, PM2.5 value, PM10 value) air quality monitoring, environmental monitoring and building stability, vibration monitoring, illumination monitoring and early warning, human body induction, infrared electrical control, human-machine voice dialogue and other functions are integrated, making it possible to manage the home anytime, anywhere , office buildings, schools and commercial complexes have become a very convenient choice.

Smart city big data is the "central nervous system"

In Zheng Guilin's view, if a company achieves a certain scale, it is social, and ultimately it will use social capital to become a social company. Therefore, in his plan, the company will be listed on the New Third Board in the next one or two years. But before that, he has another thing to do.

  At the national strategic level, the most directly related to intelligent control is undoubtedly the concept of "smart city".

But Zheng Guilin believes that the speed of implementation of smart cities can be accelerated. "The concept of a smart city is very good, but it is difficult to implement it in practice. This requires third-party research institutions to provide professional, objective, and practical advice." Zheng Guilin said that investment in smart city construction needs to be used in The core places, the places where investment can achieve interconnection in the future.

At present, Zheng Guilin is preparing to build the Wuhan University Smart City Research Institute, and plans to make it a research institute that is not influenced by the market. "Wuhan University established an automotive electronic information research institute in 2004, and advocated the construction of ten platforms for China's independent innovation of automobiles. Now it seems that if we follow that path, today's China's automobile industry will definitely be walking with high-speed rail technology. The same path of independent development."

How to build a smart city? It is still the idea of"monitor + controller".

Take a city's commercial complexes as an example. They should be highly connected and interact with the Internet. They are offline entities for online products and experiences, a center for citizens' leisure gatherings, and a realistic version of the online world falling into the world.

  Road intelligent lighting is also an area that Suntrans Intelligent Control is breaking through. Relevant data show that lighting accounts for 12% of China's total electricity consumption, and road lighting accounts for 30% of it. Every city has a more or less power gap problem, which also means that energy saving and emission reduction are not enough. pressure. Suntrans Intelligent Control Lighting Technology is also designed and manufactured by the original energy management and control. It can not only program eight-level dimming according to time, but also realize early warning of abnormal lighting and active energy saving when there is no one or no car.

"Every link follows the Internet, and the functions of the existing urban infrastructure can be maximized. This is the secret of the charm of intelligent control." Zheng Guilin believes that the goal of smart cities should be to make life better, more energy-efficient, and more environmentally friendly. healthy. All this can only rely on advanced technology and innovative equipment, especially the progress of "Internet + energy management and control" technology.

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