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The low-carbon park and digital energy management & control
The low-carbon park and digital energy management & control
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In China, industrial parks carry over 80% of GDP and more than 90% of innovation and are also the main "window" for energy consumption and carbon emissions.With economic advancement and industrial agglomeration development, the number of parks and enterprises entering the park will continue to grow, and the contribution rate of gardens to the national carbon emissions will also continue to grow. As the most concentrated space and scene of carbon emissions, the park is bound to be the focus of future carbon reduction and emission reduction work. Based on the "zero transition+no arc" AC zero-crossing power relay protection control terminal,Suntrans™'s innovative "overall flexible, intelligent distribution system", which integrates the intelligent control of five primary energy sources, namely water, electricity, heat and cooling, with Suntrans Plat cloud as the platform, provides intelligent, safe, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to promote the low-carbon development of the park, the green transformation of energy sources, and the self-balance of carbon emissions in the park.



The park is the main form of spatial agglomeration for regional economic development, industrial transformation and upgrading, and the core unit of industrial agglomeration development. It bears the critical mission of gathering innovative resources, cultivating emerging industries, and promoting urbanisation construction, and it is the main battlefield for achieving the "double carbon" strategic goal. However, most traditional parks have problems such as information isolation, lack of intelligent linkage between equipment and equipment and people, lack of energy consumption data, unable to provide a reference basis for energy conservation and emission reduction, reliance on manual ethics, low management efficiency, and low level of safety risk monitoring and early warning. Innovative digital technology is urgently needed to help the park complete the digital, intelligent and low-carbon upgrading and transformation,improve the comprehensive management ability, and achieve energy conservation, emission reduction and near-zero carbon development.


Suntrans™has been deeply engaged in integrated energy management and control Internet of Things for 30 years and is committed to developing and applying "Internet + intelligent energy management and control" technology products and systems. In particular, the "integrated, flexible, intelligent power distribution system" comprehensive solution has successfully applied and accumulated more than 200 demonstration projects in smart cities, intelligent buildings, innovative campuses, smart homes, bright water, smart parks, etc. It has reliably, conveniently and economically achieved customer demand-side response and digital energy control and completed the low-carbon transformation of lifestyle and production methods.



Take the intelligent construction project of the Bengbu Headquarters of DAFu Technology, for example. Through Suntrans™'s "overall flexible, intelligent power distribution system" solution, innovative lighting system, intelligent electricity management system, intelligent heating system, intelligent energy monitoring system, intelligent environment monitoring system and intelligent central air conditioning control system in the park are comprehensively upgraded. Carbon neutral measures such as energy conservation, emission reduction, monitoring and early warning are enabled by digital technology to improve the efficiency of the park's comprehensive management, complete the green energy transformation, real-time tracking of energy consumption, and realise the park's energy conservation and emission reduction and digital intelligent development.


The following is an introduction to the intelligent upgrade of the park

Innovative lighting system for public areas

In the aspect of lighting control, the overall flexible, intelligent distribution system can achieve high-performance active perception and energy-saving intelligent lighting functions.Through the intensive smart lighting controller without arc zero excess to complete one to one, or a pair of multiple lamps lighting intelligent control of different areas, exceptionally ensure that the lamp control system from the traditional electronic device to the electric power smart control device. After the transformation, the innovative lighting control management system of public areas controls the public areas of each building of Bengbu headquarters of DAFu Technology, such as the lobby, public corridor, restaurant, conference room, factory, underground garage, elevator hall and other functional areas, to achieve the ultimate energy saving while adapting to the scene of their respective functions.


For example, the lighting in the lobby is automatically managed by the system, and the system will automatically adjust the lighting effect according to the running time of the lobby.4 or 8 lighting scenes can be preset according to various functional characteristics and different periods of the reception area. At the same time, the staff can be manually programmed to select or modify the lighting scene quickly.



The system can fully use natural light and realise automatic sunshine compensation. The large crystal chandeliers and main lighting in the lobby will gradually turn on automatically when the weather is cloudy or dark. When the sun is shining outside, the system will automatically dim the lights so that the indoor brightness is maintained at the required level, and the power saving can reach more than 50%.


Through displacement induction control such as intelligent controller and sixth sense, it can save energy by 30% and prolong the service life of lamps. According to the user needs, it is divided into all open, 2/3 lights open, 1/3 lights open, partition available, all closed, night "patrol", a variety of lighting scenes, "morning", "afternoon", "evening", "late night", "holidays", "special requirements" all closed, security patrol, cleaning, emergency lighting and other modes.



Lighting in the park's production, office and public areas is controlled by the intelligent arc-free Load controller of the Suntrans™Smart system. By concentrating all control and monitoring functions in the App, users can only realise intelligent control of the devices mentioned above through authorised mobile phones, tablet computers, and other devices. The sensor feedback can also avoid unnecessary power consumption after people leave and strictly implement the concept of green development.


Intelligent electricity management system

The overall flexible, intelligent power distribution system adopts the innovative ST series smart single-phase 10-channel controller, single-phase 20-channel controller, single-phase dual-channel controller and other arc-free intelligent load controllers from Suntrans™ to realise the control, monitoring, protection and programmable control of all electrical equipment in the park. Through an arc-free intelligent load controller, a building energy control system with an "electric Internet of Things" as the core is constructed, which includes but is not limited to five energy forms of water, electricity, heat and cold, solving the problem of online power load relay protection, and preventing all the hidden dangers of power safety caused by overvoltage, Undervoltage, short circuit and overload in the power circuit, and realise the comprehensive intelligent protection of electrical equipment and distribution system.


Suntrans™'s innovative arc-free intelligent power load controller creates a healthy power environment that switches on and off without any electromagnetic interference or arcs burning the contactors of the controller. This dramatically extends the service life of electrical equipment and circuits and ensures that the controller's life is 100 times longer than that of the traditional controller. On the other hand, Suntrans™App allows users to set different energy management modes, such as on-duty mode, off-duty mode, meeting mode, rest mode, etc. The pre-selected electrical equipment and lamps can be conveniently controlled by timing on-off or remote control so that AIoT can be held in each building area according to the needs, and an ideal office environment can be achieved.


Green intelligent heating system

The heating system of the Bengbu headquarters of DAFu Technology mainly guarantees the hot water demand of the staff dormitory and canteen. There are 516 staff dormitories, with 1872 people living in them. This project uses six 150kw thermal units, two 54 cubic meter heat storage water tanks, and the whole valley electric energy storage and heat storage scheme. Adjusted by artificial intelligence (AI), the system only works for 9 hours during the valley power period (23:00 to 08:00 of the next day), meeting the demand for the hot water supply of the apartment all day long. Compared with the traditional hot water system, it is more efficient, intelligent, energy-saving, and costs less. Combined with Bengbu's local TOU electricity price policy (more than three times the price difference), annual electricity costs can be saved by about 800,000 yuan.



Suntrans™ innovative electro-thermal coupling unit based on the mechanism of electromagnetic "hysteresis thermal Effect" (no contact between heated materials and current) is a new generation of heating and heating equipment based on the Intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) with zero emission, zero pollution and zero labour. It is also intensive and intelligent new equipment to provide high temperature and high-pressure steam. The heat conversion efficiency of the "electromagnetic coupling thermodynamic unit" is as high as 98%, and the heating speed is fast. The room temperature water can be heated to 180℃ steam in 50 seconds without the traditional boiler room's long-distance heat transmission pipeline. Each unit covers an area of only 1.5 square meters and can be placed on the roof or basement to achieve zero distance from the heating demand side, further improving convenience and efficient heating.


The hot water preparation system has been put into efficient and stable use for nearly two months in the "first zone" of the thermal design, composed of six "electromagnetic coupling thermal units".Under the background of limited power load (without adding the original transformer load), the hot water storage tank is heated efficiently, and the municipal tap water is heated to hot water with different demand temperatures, such as heating and bathing, to realise the green energy upgrade and fully meet the thermal demand of the park.


Intelligent energy monitoring system

The overall flexible, intelligent distribution system directly echoes all electrical loads of water, electricity, heat and cold to SuntransPlat cloud through smart terminals, realising extensive data collection, closed-loop intelligent control, accurate monitoring, reliable protection and edge calculation for each electrical load and equipment. Fully meet the park's intelligent acceptable carbon emission measurement and control and energy efficiency control purposes. The system can eliminate unnecessary waste and realise AI-level intelligent energy control through extensive data analysis and edge computing.



Users, park management, dormitory staff, and office and production departments can view real-time and historical big data of electricity consumption in their respective production areas, office areas and dormitory rooms through the authorised mobile App. They can comprehensively control energy consumption overview and energy consumption trends. Moreover, through extensive data analysis and machine learning, an efficient mathematical emission reduction model can be adopted to realise green extreme energy saving, environmental protection of electricity, and dynamic assessment of carbon emissions.


Intelligent environment monitoring system

Using the "sixth sense" multi-parameter environmental monitoring sensor built an intelligent environmental monitoring system, the regional environment of combustible gas, smoke concentration, temperature and humidity, formaldehyde concentration, house vibration, human body detection and human body detection and other environmental data for real-time monitoring. And by contrast with the set threshold, abnormal will voice alarm, and according to the user's habits and preferences of the environment, intelligent control of air conditioning, lamps and other electrical appliances, intelligent adjustment of the environment, to meet the requirements of comfort and safety. Through authorisation, users can use the operating station computer, terminal mobile phone, and tablet app anywhere to realise a real-time view of the working environment parameters to achieve a real sense of remote monitoring.


The intelligent control system of central air conditioning

The highly efficient air conditioning artificial intelligence control system independently developed by Suntrans™ is wholly based on the AI characteristics of high-performance computers and cloud services. Under complete manual intervention, the automatic control system automatically collects the operation rules and optimal operation curves of the outdoor host, internal machine, and other equipment in the multi-online system. It automatically adjusts the operation mode of each kit to achieve the best energy efficiency ratios system applied in Guangzhou Pearl Mediterranean Hotel. The overall COP of the system can be stable above 5.5, which changes the past state of multi-person duty in the control room of the computer room, reduces energy consumption and reduces the operation and maintenance expenses of the hotel air conditioning system.



Generally, unlike other electrical equipment, the air-conditioning system accounts for more than 65% of the building's energy consumption. It must be subject to independent, intelligent control to ensure efficiency and energy conservation. The park uses Suntrans™ smart controller to conduct intelligent control of outdoor units, terminal air conditioning equipment and internal units, realising dynamic governance of energy and online analysis and management of energy efficiency in the central air conditioning room of the park, and building an "efficient AI air conditioning control system".Because the system adopts the "terminal to cloud" AIoT architecture, users can control the air conditioning equipment in the area or view the electricity and environmental information at any place through the authorised app to achieve more intelligent, convenient and efficient energy management and control.

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