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Suntrans™ digital active energy saving technology helps the high-quality development of smart agriculture
Suntrans™ digital active energy saving technology helps the high-quality development of smart agriculture
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In order to ensure food security and sustainable agricultural development, solve the problems of labor shortage, low agricultural production efficiency, high cost and low benefits of agricultural production, and realize the coordinated development goal of "high yield, high efficiency, high quality, ecological and safe" in agriculture, the state has issued a series of policies and strategic arrangements, with the development of smart agriculture as an important content. In 2019, the Outline of the Strategy for the Development of Digital Countryside set out the strategic plan of "Building high-tech agriculture and smart agriculture". In 2021, the 14th Five-Year Plan clearly states that it is necessary to "accelerate the development of smart agriculture and promote the digital transformation of agricultural production, operation and management services". In 2022, the No. 1 document of the Central Committee requires to vigorously promote the development of smart agriculture, promote the integrated application of information technology and agricultural machinery and farming techniques, expand the application scenarios of big data in agriculture and rural areas, and accelerate the construction of digital countryside standardization.


Suntrans ™ complies with the requirements of national policies and uses digital active energy saving technologies such as big data, Internet, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things to innovate and develop a complete set of efficient and comprehensive solutions in the field of smart agriculture, helping the high-quality development of smart agriculture.



Current situation of smart agriculture

China's smart agriculture started late, but with a large number of policies to the agricultural field, inspired more industries to join in, and the rapid development. Data show that the smart agriculture market scale in 2021 will reach about 68.5 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 12.1%, and it is estimated that the smart agriculture market scale will reach 74.3 billion yuan in 2022. However, the overall development of smart agriculture in China is still in the initial stage, and the overall technology lags behind developed countries by 10-15 years, especially sensor technology. The penetration rate of smart agriculture application is less than 1%, which cannot fully meet the various needs of the development of smart agriculture. There are also relatively few R&D personnel, and there are still certain obstacles to the further development of intelligent agriculture and automation.


Suntrans Smart Agriculture Solutions

To accelerate the intelligent development of agriculture, we must rely on the progress of science and technology, and comprehensively improve the application level of digital technology in agricultural production and the level of technical equipment. Suntrans ™ is based on the "zero transition + no arc" power relay protection terminal, SuntransPlat cloud platform, integrated Internet, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, Internet of Things technology integrated flexible intelligent distribution system comprehensive solution. The program realizes intelligent perception, intelligent warning, intelligent decision-making, intelligent analysis and expert online guidance of the intelligent agricultural production environment, providing precise planting, visual management and intelligent decision-making for agricultural production.



1、Intelligent agriculture integrated AIoT measurement and control system

Suntrans ™ series arc-free relay protection controllers, sensors, wireless transmission equipment and other iot devices are used to implement the most intensive and reliable measurement and control system with equipment status diagnosis function for agricultural field, complete the overall flexible intelligent AIoT of farm power distribution system, and realize intelligent management and control, digital. Build an intelligent basic feedback system that can sense everything, accurately perceive the changes of soil, environment, water and fertilizer number parameters, create an extremely economical, highly reliable and scientific water and fertilizer system, realize scientific fertilizer ratio, water and fertilizer mix parameterization, air and soil data, fine irrigation flow, intelligent production process, and transform crop planting from "experiential production" to "intelligent production". Precise environment digital guarantee system, realize electric energy to replace constant temperature environment, illumination environment, water quality environment, improve production efficiency and crop production quality.



2、Water and fertilizer integrated digital minicomputer

With the continuous development of industry and science and technology, the technology of water and fertilizer integration is being vigorously promoted and applied, and the agricultural production mode is gradually mechanized, intelligent and automated. So far, there have been a number of countries and enterprises in the world to do the research and development of water and fertilizer integration equipment, mainly using the Venturi suction principle, through the valve opening to adjust the proportion of fertilizer, a variety of fertilizer and irrigation water set proportion parameters fusion function, mainly rely on experience to set configuration parameters, lack of certain data basis. At the same time, the equipment system has not realized a set of parameters, one-button start and other basic intelligent functions, there are a large number of manual control valves, the degree of intelligence is low. The equipment has no systematic digitalization and Internet of things functions, it cannot build a big data center integrated mechanism of water and fertilizer, and it cannot realize visual management and intelligent decision-making. Moreover, the frequency converter adopted by the pump controller will produce large harmonics, which will lead to the life reduction of the pump and interference of the sensing system, affecting the sensing accuracy.


Some enterprises have also made production attempts for the domestic water-fertilizer all-in-one machine. Its principle and structure are similar to those of imported equipment. They all adopt Venturi negative pressure suction mixing system and lack products of Internet of Things, artificial intelligence or AIoT. The ratio of water and fertilizer depends on experience adjustment, low measurement accuracy, need flowmeter measurement, complicated adjustment, difficult to reproduce, artificial intelligence or AIoT cannot be realized, high labor intensity, high requirements for the operation and setting of technical personnel.



Suntrans™  is innovating and developing digital small water and fertilizer integrated machine, based on arc-free intelligent controller, completely get rid of the phenomenon of pulling arc when switching, and extend the service life of the equipment; Non-stuck structure check valve, electrically controlled ball valve to control the valve, to avoid clogging problems, high degree of intelligence; Water and fertilizer parameters and electrical parameters of all units can be accurately measured, and all data can be connected to the SuntransPlat cloud platform, providing precise planting, digital management, intelligent operation and scientific decision-making for agricultural production, reducing agricultural production costs and improving the quality and output of agricultural products.


3、SuntransPlat fine agriculture cloud management and control platform

New technologies such as big data and the Internet of Things have been widely applied in agricultural production, further promoting the comprehensive promotion of digital technology and smart agriculture. Suntrans™'s innovative AIoT product, AC zero crossing intelligent power load controller enables AIoT level control for the opening and closing of motors, pumps, valves and other equipment. By accessing the data collected by the controller to the SuntransPlat cloud platform, the administrator can realize the online control and management of the multi-space water and fertilizer integrated equipment remotely at the mobile terminal or PC terminal. At the same time, the controllers installed in the system are linked with their respective sensors in real time, so that AI operation and automatic control of the system can be realized according to the AI model of suntransPlat layout, big data and real-time operation data of the measurement and control system. According to agricultural field requirements, AIoT platform is established to realize platform control, support intelligent agricultural system, transform "greenhouse" into "intelligent greenhouse", and improve agricultural production quality and control efficiency.



Suntrans™ has been deeply engaged in integrated energy management and control Internet of Things technology for 30 years, and is committed to the development and application of "Internet + intelligent energy management and control" technology products and systems, including but not limited to: "Overall flexible intelligent distribution system", "SuntransPLat/IoT cloud platform" and supporting AIoT system edge computing "Zero excessive power load controller", etc. Especially in the field of smart agriculture, innovative digital technology products are used to monitor crops, soil, humidity, temperature, water and fertilizer, light, PH value and other real-time values in the process of agricultural production, so as to achieve regular information acquisition of crop growth, development status, diseases and pests, water and fertilizer status and the corresponding environment, so as to make rational use of agricultural resources and reduce production costs. The purpose of improving ecological environment and crop products and quality. It is of great significance to transform traditional agriculture and agricultural production mode.

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