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SUNTRANS™ Dual Power UPS/ATS High Performance Power
SUNTRANS™ Dual Power UPS/ATS High Performance Power
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Recently, during the peak work period stage, Guangzhou Metro informed that the metro line 1 had some delay in trains from Xilong to Guangzhou East Station in both directions due to power supply equipment failure, and had to start the metro emergency bus connection, resulting in a large number of passengers late for work. Metro, airport, elevators, hospitals and other important places facilities and equipment, once a power failure, easily cause crowd panic, resulting in disruption of the operating system, or cause secondary disasters. Throughout the past, accidents caused by power supply system failures have been commonplace.



Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant, nuclear reactor failure, due to UPS battery "strike" led to the failure of the safety and security system, the nuclear reactor out of control, resulting in a catastrophe for the ages, causing a world crisis, the scourge of the global nuclear power plant safety crisis.


For millions of elevators, the scourge of the power system power supply is difficult to avoid the flash-off event, there is an inexplicable fall event, it is difficult to eliminate the flash-off caused by the controller restart, so that the indispensable elevator, in the use of the public mind a shadow.


Hospital power security systems, life science laboratory systems, railroad signal systems and other places, are in need of highly reliable power security. However, the battery as a backup power UPS, subject to the uncertainty of the battery chemical energy storage, it is difficult to guarantee its reliability and service life, load capacity.


With the continuous development of the power system, more than 80% of the general buildings and places, and 99% of the buildings and important places have been designed and built with electric power dual circuit power supply system. Among them, the probability of simultaneous blackout on the supply side of the dual circuit power compared to the probability of failure of the traditional UPS battery can be described as a very small probability event. Therefore, for places with more than double-loop power supply side, high-performance UPS level of double-loop switching will be able to achieve high reliability, high frequency, high capacity, no time limit of power supply security.


For example: according to international standards, single-phase power double-loop switching time is less than 20ms, or three-phase double-loop switching time is less than 45ms, the demand side of the power load, especially the most sensitive digital equipment, controllers, computers can safely and reliably in the supply side of the double-loop switching process to achieve inductive power supply security, that is, no battery storage, through the power UPS / ATS to achieve power supply security.


Dual power UPS switching device, is the power supply system for some reason a circuit power outage, can automatically switch to another power supply circuit of automatic control equipment.When the power UPS meets the technical specifications of efficient and sensorless switching, it can replace the traditional battery UPS.The technology can replace the high environmental costs, the need to replace the battery on a regular basis the traditional UPS, applied to the IDC digital center, banks, server rooms, railroads, hospitals, airports, docks, fire, tunnels, any enterprise involved in security and other important places involved in power outages power distribution system, greatly enhance the reliability of power security, security, security, high frequency and effectively reduce the cost of security, greatly reducing the UPS battery oversized carbon emissions.



SUNTRANS™ Dual Power UPS/ATS units have the following features and unique advantages:

(1)The world-leading innovative arc-free relay controller pushes power demand-side control from the arc-extinguishing era into the arc-free era.Whether single-phase power or three-phase power UPS / ATS, are scientifically embedded in innovative core technology to achieve high performance switching of intelligent power load (electrical isolation type), to achieve high speed, isolation, safety, ultra-high reliability and security features, is to get rid of the "arc" on the power load impact, to solve the power controller contactor burn, to avoid the impact of the power grid intelligent switching control equipment.With Suntrans™ AC over-zero technology as the core, it realizes high-speed arc-free intelligent safety throwing device with dual power supplies, realizing split-phase over-zero throwing with a speed of 22Hz.It is proven to have an electrical life of more than 1 million cycles.

(2)Reliable measurement: accurate measurement of each load, each switching before and after the double-loop power supply side by the device dynamically online, with a measurement error of ≦0.5%;

(3)Intelligent control: according to the highly reliable and sensitive power failure detection command, or active switching command, precise and intelligent control of the automatic switching of the dual power supply of the power distribution system;

(4)Safety protection: all-round relay protection for device, load and grid, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current and shortage protection and power failure and phase loss wisdom switching;

(5) Composite communication: embedded 485 communication module, TCP/IP or WIFI wireless module, which can realize information interaction, remote control and networking and coordinated operation of massive intelligent devices, meanwhile, the system is equipped to guarantee intelligent load balancing of double transformers;

(6) Edge computing: as needed for the controller can realize edge computing and programming in the field or in the cloud, to complete the established work, but also through the communication system, to achieve a large number of load monitoring;

(7) Realize digital, highly reliable and intelligent "low-carbon operation and efficient control".



Take the application of an electric system of a railroad bureau in Hubei as an example. 2021, a railroad bureau decided to apply Suntrans™ST-SDPS-IoT intelligent two-way power supply uninterruptible switching device to two branch stations, Dahuling South Station and Hankou Name Station, for field installation trial.


(Site installation diagram)


In order to realize the online dynamic control IOT for the whole life cycle of railroad load, Suntrans™adopts the SuntransPlat industrial IOT platform which has the internal correspondence between the built "embedded intelligent dual power controller" and "railroad cloud" to build The SuntransPlat industrial IoT platform is used to build an analysis, decision-making and control system for fast and accurate mass data collection. It ensures safer, more reliable and more accurate synchronous and collaborative management and control of massive targets and tasks, improves the level of power supply guarantee, realizes abnormal memorialization and big data analysis, and completes UPS-level switching of backup power supply and power system guarantee power supply.


(Operating system diagram)


After 6 months of trial and trial and test, ST-SDPS-IoT intelligent dual power supply switching device system is stable and reliable, with advantageous performance as follows:

(1) Precise and safe, dual three-phase 380Vac incoming power supply with high speed and reliable compliance switching;

(2) Accurate and intelligent measurement of all electrical parameters of the dual incoming three-phase 380Vac, including voltage, current, power factor and the load status of the output electrical load side;

(3) Accurately identify any one phase of the two-way three-phase 380Vac is missing, three-phase power loss, and intelligently switch the power supply circuit;

(4) Precise intelligent UPS switching control, on-site remote control of reliable switching between dual three-phase 380Vac incoming power supplies.


When the first ray of sunlight hits the PV cell and the three-phase voltage of the inverter exceeds 300Vac, the intelligent dual power switching device starts AIoT work and switches from utility power to PV energy intelligently; when the system monitors that the three-phase voltage is lower than 300Vac, the intelligent dual power switching device automatically switches from green power to utility power to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the power system.



Intelligent power dual power UPS / ATS switching device is an important intelligent terminal of Suntrans™ power Internet of Things, is a large-scale realization of IDC, industrial parks, hospitals and other important facilities a class of load protection tool. Power UPS directly echoes the massive energy control SuntransPlat platform, through big data processing, analysis, decision-making, direct interaction with the massive embedded data encryption "flexible intelligent power distribution IoT power terminal" to form an industrial IoT system.


For 30 years, Suntrans™ has been dedicated to the technology and product innovation and application promotion in the field of "Power IoT" intelligent energy control. The company has a series of advanced products and solutions including but not limited to: AC over zero technology, arc-free intelligent controller, dual power UPS intelligent switching controller, "overall flexible intelligent power distribution system", "SuntransPLat/IoT cloud platform", electromagnetic coupling intelligent thermal unit, electromagnetic coupling intelligent thermal drying, etc.The company continues to plow deep into three-dimensional digital, low-carbon, energy-saving and smart applications in the fields of smart city, smart building, smart hospital, smart campus, smart water, smart factory, etc., and has completed over 200 demonstration large-scale projects of various types.A large number of cases and a long period of operation and maintenance practice have proved that Suntrans™ solution has the remarkable characteristics of the most intensive, safe, economical and one-stop digital system architecture.

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