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SUNTRANS™|Product uniqueness and advantages
SUNTRANS™|Product uniqueness and advantages
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Established in 1993, Suntrans™ has been dedicated to product technology development, production, application and iteration in the field of digital intelligent energy control, providing a series of arc-free electrical hardware and software platform solutions for all scenarios of intelligent power distribution or industrial advanced control systems in various industries.



Arc-free intelligent controller

The arc-free relay intelligent controller is an intelligent IOT terminal that has been developed and innovated by Suntrans™ for 15 years to achieve completely independent IP, and is the basic core product to support the company's digital intelligent energy control and operation and maintenance business.Arc-free relay intelligent controller is the first time after Tesla's invention of alternating current to achieve the progress of getting rid of the "arc", is to make the power equipment more reliable, more advanced, more convenient, more economical power type controller products, and by the International Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) former President Howard Mitchell affirmation and praise.At present, the products have entered the batch production stage, and more than 150,000 controllers have been applied in smart city, smart building, smart campus, smart home, smart water, smart factory and other fields, and the user feedback satisfaction is high.


1、The core technology of arc-free intelligent controller

Tesla in 1893 to make the popularization of alternating current, "arc" has been accompanied by the development of electricity, of which more than 90% of the technical problems of alternating current by all kinds of "arc" generated, the industry on the one hand, efforts to study how to extinguish the arc, on the other hand, the development of the whole process of automation is to rely on the "weak" control "strong".Suntrans™ original "AC over zero technology" for the first time to achieve free from "arc", its application to the development of intelligent controllers, to achieve a major breakthrough in the field of electricity, so that the power switch into the era of arc-free controller.


AC over-zero technology schematic


The breakthrough in "AC over-zero contactor load controller" technology, with 100 times the lifetime of conventional electrical controllers, makes it perfect for keeping distribution, application and automatic demand-side management or control systems ultra-reliable and stable throughout the power application case and lifetime.Breakthrough points include:①Voltage over-zero closure with no effect on the load and extended load life (millions of switching cycles life);②Current over zero breaking, no arc, zero excess, safe and reliable, low loss, no contact burning;③Millisecond operation, no harmonic interference, no electromagnetic radiation to the environment from starting or stopping;④Embedded network functions, supporting composite communications such as WIFI, TCP/IP and optical fiber, echoing the IoT cloud;⑤Strong electrical intelligence, electrical load equipment monitoring, status diagnosis, abnormal prediction and early warning;⑥Power AIoT, terminal real-time data collection, digitalization, intelligence, MRV, all in one go.


The arc-free intelligent controller becomes a kind of technically advanced "power IOT intelligent controller".


2、Power IOT intelligent controller advantages



Suntrans™'s Power IoT Smart Controller advances the most critical and core elements of electrical and automation control, enabling "no arc" shocks at switch closures and extending equipment life by 100 times.It is safer, more reliable, more stable, more flexible, and embedded with power relay protection for edge computing.The innovative power relay arc-free controller is embedded with all electrical monitoring functions such as current, voltage, power factor, temperature, switch counter, etc.It tracks the detailed process life of each power load it controls, the health status of the load, the power consumption of the load and all industrial logic process control between intelligent controllers, forming a true DSC system.



Relative to other measurement and control equipment companies or system integrators to do the framework of energy management and control systems, the need to use a large number of meters, relays, circuit breakers, sensors, cabinets and intricate wiring, and its reliability only up to the level of electronic products, ("such as large brands of electronic type PLC controller + power sensors + protection relays + various types of power contactors").Suntrans™ intelligent power IOT controller integrates the functions of "accurate measurement, precise control, relay protection, and complex communication" into one, making it a highly simple All-in-On integrated system with high reliability, full functionality, high distribution, and powerful functions such as load identification and load health status diagnosis.At present, each power IOT controller of Suntrans™ replaces such as: Siemens, ABB, Schneider, etc. or domestic such as: Huli, Zhejiang University Central Control and other well-known companies need to converge dozens of electronic devices, requiring hundreds of wires connected internally to the measurement and control system.


Suntrans™ 50T overhead crane (no cockpit required) intelligent electrical protection control and simple remote control solution


Other need 10 PLC frame 50T overhead crane (need cockpit manual site control) electrical and control system


Millisecond sensorless switching

Whether single-phase or three-phase power IOT UPS / ATS controller, the scientific use of Suntrans™ innovative AC over zero core technology, to achieve intelligent load high-performance (galvanic isolation type) controller for dual power supply between the inductive switching, to achieve high speed, isolation, safety, ultra-high reliability and security, is the world's leading to get rid of the "arc" on the electric load impact, contactor contact burn, impact on the grid power intelligent UPS level digital ATS switching control equipment.Realize the high-speed arc-free intelligent safety throwing and cutting of dual-way power supply, the speed of split-phase over-zero point throwing and cutting reaches 22Hz level, realizing millisecond-level induction-free switching, and its electrical life is proved to be more than 2 million times.


3、Power IOT intelligent controller quality assurance and industry recognition

Suntrans™ innovative "AC Over Zero - Zero Excess" power relay controller series has been praised by international expert Dr. Howard Mitchell as "an innovation that has changed the world of electricity" and has obtained 80 valid intellectual property rights (including 17 original invention patents, 26 software copyrights for energy control series, 30 utility model patents and 7 product appearance patents).Power IoT intelligent controller in flexible intelligent power distribution system, power IoT, power UPS device, artificial intelligence (AIoT) energy control and other fields of a large number of time-tested and precipitated application cases, harvesting technology, society, institutions recognized, including the following 5 major honors:

①The intelligent arc-free relay protection controller was selected as the "Recommended Catalogue of Products for Preventing Serious Accidents on Campus" by the Ministry of Emergency Security.

②Awarded as Guangdong famous high-tech products.

③The result of "AC over zero controller" won the Excellence Award in China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2022.

④Two cases of intelligent building construction applied by intelligent controllers: a new luxury five-star hotel and an updated intelligent building operating for more than 16 years, which were successfully selected in the Compilation of Typical Technologies and Cases for the Construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Green Bay Area and named as the 2022 low-carbon and energy-saving demonstration project in the Greater Bay Area by the State Ministry of Environmental Protection;

⑤The series of arc-free intelligent ""relay control switch"" has passed the national 3C and CQC certification.



4、Power IOT intelligent electrical control cabinet vs. traditional distribution box

Based on the hardware of Suntrans™ power IOT intelligent controller, the power IOT terminal intelligent power distribution cabinet features high functional integration, high safety performance, high reliability, real-time monitoring, and energy consumption transparency, realizing the short-circuit protection + relay protection + energy digital intelligent control function of intelligent power distribution system.Compared with the traditional distribution box, the power IOT intelligent electrical control cabinet has the following advantages:

(1) easy to achieve measurement, protection, control, communication, programmable function expansion without auxiliary devices, product miniaturization, wisdom, application more convenient, more reliable, more intelligent, more economical;

(2) Intelligent AC single-phase 18ms - three-phase 45ms dual power UPS switching technology, no battery, can fully guarantee reliable power supply;

(3) Busbarization of power distribution, wireless communication, simple construction, less use of cables, and true realization of distributed power distribution;

(4) AC over-zero point technology to eliminate the arc pulling phenomenon when the switch works, to avoid over-current and over-voltage shock, electrical equipment is safer, more reliable and long life;

(5) Intelligent load identification, intelligent automatic load selective flexible power distribution, and intelligent control by the Internet of Things;

(6) Online fine control of the energy consumption process, realizing point control, area control, time control, scene control, linkage control, sound control and remote control;

(7) Load identification and equipment health status diagnosis and abnormal prediction and warning forecasting functions, without manual diagnosis, intelligent operation and maintenance, simple and efficient, low cost;


(Traditional power distribution box)

(Intelligent power distribution box)


5、Power IoT intelligent controller innovation to build power system - overall flexible intelligent power distribution system

Suntrans™ Power IoT Smart Controller is suitable for power demand-side ADR construction, whole life cycle control of power consumption, digital power AIoT and energy control of the industry.The overall flexible intelligent power distribution system built by its innovation takes smart buildings and cities as the core, integrates "strong power + fire" trinity, realizes intelligent power distribution, controlled, measurable and adjustable on the electricity side, and is applicable to the smart power distribution AI system of cities, oceans, railroads, industries and national defense, which is an important technical means for the power system and urban construction to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutral.


The overall flexible intelligent power distribution system is the most intensive, concise, safe and reliable set of optimal system solutions for the refined implementation of energy dynamic planning and the realization of super-efficient control of the five major energy integrated AI of building water, electricity, gas, heat and cooling.Has the following functions and features:

6 major functions: intelligent power supply and distribution control, intelligent power monitoring, safe power management, carbon emission measurement and monitoring, intelligent building control system, and intelligent equipment operation and maintenance;

4 main features:

①Engineering lightness: switch with relay protection + busable wiring normalization, shorter construction period, simple system, whole life cycle carbon peak;

②Strong power intelligence: strong power + digital + optical network, embedded communication, data on the cloud in one step, all power equipment access to the power energy management Internet of Things, set about measurement, protection, control, communication, programmable as one;

③Digitalization of energy management: meeting MRV, digitalization of water, electricity, gas, heat and cooling and energy storage, AI intelligent PDWC algorithm for ultimate energy saving, meeting ADR of power distribution;

④Operation and maintenance wisdom: digital operation and maintenance cornerstone, unattended, AIoT platform active operation and maintenance, to ensure the security experience accurate, abnormal prediction early warning forecast.


Functional advantages unique to the overall flexible intelligent power distribution system:

Security:The system consists of an IoT terminal integrating measurement, protection, control, communication, programmable and Suntransplat cloud. All data of each load monitoring is encrypted and uploaded to the cloud by SDK to realize over-current precise protection, over-voltage process protection, under-voltage process protection, overheating dynamic analysis, phase-loss real-time protection, equipment health status diagnosis, fine care of each electric load, prediction and early warning forecast of any abnormality, eliminating the existence of safety hazards, realizing active safety fire, and ensuring safe and stable operation of the power system.



Economical:System IOT terminal intelligent controller adopts AC over-zero technology, no arc impact when switching, product life reaches one million times, equipment system abnormalities can be prevented, predicted and forecasted, reducing maintenance costs. The system adopts busbarized wiring implementation method to reduce unnecessary cables and reduce the cost of strong and weak power engineering, thus reducing the construction cost.The intelligent control method provides the optimal combination of electricity consumption, saving 20% - 60% of energy compared to traditional power distribution, and reducing energy costs overall.The system has changed the power management mode, building power management and maintenance into the AI era, without special talents specializing in maintenance, reducing system management costs.


Intelligent:Compared with the construction of traditional power distribution and automatic control system, the overall flexible intelligent power distribution system cloud platform is more powerful and superior to the traditional PLC controller architecture of electronic product control system. The powerful arithmetic power and real-time effect of edge computing can realize more advanced, reliable and real-time operation platform for more humanized management, control and analysis, and promote the system from human management to artificial intelligence management and realize digital and intelligent management.


Transparency:Power IoT fine control cloud platform Suntransplat can synthesize, analyze, and decide overall three-dimensional energy and status and other information in real time, comprehensively, categorically, and specifically, including but not limited to: electricity, current, voltage, power, environment, statistical analysis, electrical efficiency, energy consumption, carbon emission, water pump, water pressure, water temperature, water level of water catchment wells, and other information.According to the big data gathered by the whole system, all kinds of dynamic and real-time charts are displayed. It is possible to compare all kinds of ring and year-on-year electricity consumption data by selecting the data to be compared, taking day, month and year as the time unit, and taking each floor, each area and each equipment as the comparison object, thus truly achieving complete transparency of energy consumption and emission.



6、Smart "terminal" echoes "cloud", convenient architecture of digital VPP system

Virtual Power Plant (VPP) refers to an energy coordination and control system, through the large-scale installation of a series of power IoT controllers, in special periods, you can achieve selective protection of important loads, the removal of some secondary loads, peak shaving and valley filling, the implementation of digital tariff settlement, the realization of "demand-based virtual power plant" to ensure the smooth operation of the grid.


Suntrans™'s power IoT control technology and products have enabled demand-based virtual power plant technology to enter a practical and mature stage, which is significant for advancing the transformation of VPP from invitation-based to transactional demand-based.Simplify the implementation of demand-side ADR construction, you can enter the large-scale intelligent VPP.In the "double carbon" goal, in addition to the large-scale implementation of green energy substitution, the large-scale implementation of ADR intelligent control of load resources, aggregation and power demand side to become the power supply and demand balance reconstruction and coordinated optimization is the most economical and simple means to achieve the double carbon goal.


7、[Sanchuan Construction Virtual Power Plant Typical Case]

Since 2014, Suntrans™ has implemented digital new construction or digital update of power distribution for the new campuses of Wuhan University and Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to achieve demand-side response ADR.At present, more than 100,000 IOT controllers control tens of thousands of student apartments, forming a virtual power plant based on the "Student Apartment Electricity Management Information System".



The system successfully embeds virtual power plant capabilities while addressing campus power security control.Whenever the campus electricity is tight and needs to be limited, the system can shut down the air conditioning of one apartment (about 1.2 kilowatts), and the tens of thousands of apartments in Wuhan University will have an overall power of about 12 megawatts, which is equivalent to 12 megawatts of "energy storage power" in the student apartments (1/4 of the school's electricity consumption).

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