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The power Internet of Things creates a new generation of smart buildings
The power Internet of Things creates a new generation of smart buildings
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On the morning of December 9, the sub-forum of "New Concepts of Urban Planning and Architecture" of the Global Mayors Forum 2023 was held in Guangzhou.Deng Maoying, Deputy Secretary-General of Guangzhou Municipal Government and Director of Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources, attended and delivered a speech.Representatives of local governments from Mexico, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Germany and other countries, Yao Ling, Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Asian Urban and Architecture Alliance and Secretary General of the Organizing Committee of the Asian Design Academic Year Award, attended the event.Professor Zheng Guilin, professor of School of Electrical Engineering and Automation of Wuhan University, doctoral supervisor, President of Wuhan IEEE Branch, President of Hubei Standardization Society, Chairman of Guangzhou Suntrans Control System Engineering Equipment Co., LTD., attended as a special guest.



Hosted by the Asian Urban and Architectural Alliance and Guangzhou Urban Planning Association, the forum invited experts and scholars from the planning and architecture industry at home and abroad to focus on urban planning, architecture and other fields and jointly discuss how to optimize the strategic spatial pattern of urban development. Promote the implementation of new building concepts such as green, energy saving and wisdom into urban construction and development practice, so as to improve the level of urban refinement, quality and intelligent governance.As an expert in the field of power Internet of Things, Professor Zheng Guilin shared with us the advantages of the flexible intelligent distribution system of the Internet of Things in the application of smart buildings, and analyzed the future development trend of smart buildings from this latitude, as follows:



For more than 30 years, suntrans™ has been committed to industry-leading technology and product development in the field of power system demand-side response, integrating science, industry and trade.In 2009, we set up a research team, innovated and broke through the core technology of control of power demand side equipment, "AC zero crossing" electric arc free power controller, and formed a high-performance series power controller. It covers a series of core control and digital twin technology and products from 300W-600Kw power demand side distribution, power consumption, dual power UPS, green energy 100% local consumption.This series of innovative digital power equipment provides the world's leading "power Internet of Things, strong electric intelligence" solutions for the new generation of smart buildings, digital twins of smart cities, active safety, carbon emission monitoring, etc.The solution has the following technological leadership and product advantages:


1、Ultra-high reliability: digital, arc-free power distribution, electric power controller technology and products, fundamentally solve the problems of power consumption, distribution relay protection, digital twin, precision MRV;

2、High security: power load status identification, equipment anomaly mining, hidden danger prediction and early warning forecast, leading a new era of urban and building active safety;

3、Accurate monitoring: integrated fine particle size sub-measurement, electrical load measurement full coverage of first-level accuracy of the IoT measurement function, so that energy, electricity and other data from the traditional meter reading era into the Internet of Things big data new AI era;

4、Accurate control: the control time of the Internet of Things control target reaches 0.4 seconds in the global power Internet of Things era to achieve strong electric intelligence; The power type controller directly controls, senses and ensures the safe and accurate operation of power equipment throughout the life cycle of power load. The electric controller makes the measurement and control system enter the era of electric Internet of Things equipment from the era dominated by traditional electronic products;

5、Strong connectivity: The power Internet of Things not only realizes the interconnection of all things in the general Internet of Things, but more importantly, realizes the interconnection of power and energy flow, laying a solid coverage system for high-performance AIoT energy control and optimization of energy utilization;

6、Powerful edge computing: As the terminal of AIoT, the electric controller not only relies on the cloud computing power to solve the scientific, efficient and stable of the entire system, but also reconstructs the measurement and control architecture of the urban, construction and industrial fields, and exceeds the PLC and DCS with the strong edge computing foundation and core capabilities, and truly constructs the distributed AIoT intelligent era.

7、Anytime, anywhere cloud computing: It can use all the computing power layout of the existing cloud to achieve AIoT distributed cloud energy management and control and big data decision-making for cities, buildings, industries, etc., and build a more safe and reliable, artificial intelligence, digital twin leading the world's power demand side management and control system and electricity smart and security system.

8、Ultra-low power controller energy consumption: As shown in the following figure, the traditional controller is an integration of a series of measurement and control components, which requires electronic products such as PLC or DCS as the core, with a series of power transformers, intermediate relays, thermal protection relays, and power contactors to construct an automatic measurement and control device. Its power consumption is as little as 300-500W, more than 3kW, but also need to make the constant temperature environment of the electronic controller, several kilowatts and even tens of kilowatts of air conditioning, making the control system's own power consumption is huge. suntrans's power controllers are mandatory CQC certified, so they can operate reliably and stably in extreme natural and electromagnetic environments, typically consuming less than 10 watts, 1% of traditional control systems. Therefore, in addition to realizing the extreme energy saving of the AI system, the energy-saving effect of the controller itself is also extremely significant, especially the adaptability to the environment is the fundamental upgrade and replacement of the current measurement and control system.


Demonstration case

Take Guangzhou Zhuguang Mediterranean International Hotel power distribution system overall flexible iot intelligent transformation project as an example.The project is a 50-storey super-high complex, including offices, shopping malls, apartments, etc., with a total area of 138,000 square meters, and the transformation of its ultra-efficient digital air conditioning system includes:

①The power system and measurement and control system of the central air conditioner are upgraded with the AIoT measurement and control system, and the AI ultra-efficient central air conditioning room is realized in one shot, and the AI operation and unmanned duty are realized

②The digital central air conditioning distribution system is a digital distribution system  

③AI control is implemented for 36 air coolers and fresh air systems in the whole building

④Intelligent upgrade of power and fan coil control in 75 guest rooms

⑤To achieve PDWC three-dimensional HVAC control, to achieve the ultimate energy saving and scientific control of seconds



In May 2020, the project completed equipment installation and commissioning, passed completion acceptance on July 1, and officially put into AI operation. Effect after transformation:

Significant energy saving and low carbon

The project achieved ultra-efficient central air conditioning control operation, and the annual comprehensive COP of the air conditioning room reached 5.8, which is the most advanced level in the industry.Before the transformation, the electricity consumption in July-September 2019 (2,419,600 kwh) was compared with the electricity consumption in July-September 2020 (1,252,800 kwh) after the transformation in the same period of the main cooling months, and the energy saving reached 1,166,800 kwh, with an energy saving rate of 51.7%. In 2021, the machine room will achieve carbon neutrality and obtain the Carbon Neutrality Certificate.

Complete AI intelligence

After 21 months of AI operation of the system, the overall EER of the system is stable at more than 5.8, reducing the shift duty of 9 people in the control room of the computer room, reducing energy consumption and reducing the operation and maintenance expenses of the hot water system of the hotel air conditioning system.



Closed-loop AI control

The system adopts ST-RTU-HVAC, the highly efficient air conditioning system AI control terminal independently innovated by Suntrans™, which is embedded with high-performance data processing, control logic analysis, and advanced and reliable "terminal" echoing "cloud", laying the intelligent hardware foundation for building an efficient air conditioning system. Give full play to the nonlinear control algorithm of PDWC, better than the traditional PLC control, to achieve second-level intelligent control, compared with the traditional minute-level control has a qualitative improvement.

Extremely compatible and open

Adopt cloud computing and AI control across time and space. The system is designed based on the electric Internet of Things, and the management operation and maintenance personnel can control the Internet through mobile phones, tablets, PCS, etc., without being on duty.


In the context of global decarbonization, we will promote the in-depth development of smart buildings.Intelligent buildings will be used as the Chinese medicine shop link of the industrial Internet of things, from the "mechanization + electronic products era" into the "artificial intelligence + power Internet of things + strong electric intelligence" era.With AI, energy, information, humanities epoch-making transformation, towards safer, more simple, more efficient, more intelligent development, forming a new era of AI architecture.Suntrans™ is committed to the development, application and promotion of AI-Energy Power-GPT system, aiming to participate in the rapid development of national smart buildings and smart cities, and strive to contribute Suntrans™ scientific and technological wisdom.

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