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Good news! Suntrans™ won the first Energy Electronics Industry Innovation Competition New Award
Good news! Suntrans™ won the first Energy Electronics Industry Innovation Competition New Award
author:suntrans publication date:2024-01-05 views:68

On December 26-27, 2023, under the guidance of the Electronic Information Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Key Information Technology track final and award ceremony of the first Energy Electronics Industry Innovation Competition, sponsored by the Industrial Development Promotion Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, was successfully held in Xiamen. Suntrans™ self-developed ultra-efficient central air conditioning control system technology won the New award in the final.



The key information technology track collected a total of 182 entries, after the form review, preliminary selection, more than 90 outstanding projects shortlisted for the final.Suntrans™ completely independently developed AC zero zero arc-free intelligent controller as the control terminal of the ultra-efficient central air conditioning control system, with the extreme energy saving control, online big data monitoring and analysis, cold demand forecast, energy efficiency analysis, dynamic regulation, energy saving optimization, unmanned intelligent operation and maintenance and other leading advantages, in the key information technology track,and won the new talent award in the final.



Super efficient central air conditioning control system

Suntrans™ self-developed ultra-efficient central air conditioning artificial intelligence control technology, according to the actual operation of the air conditioning, through AI and big data analysis to achieve decision control, real-time AI monitoring, regulation, control, effectively suppress ineffective demand and ensure the refrigeration experience of the user side, adjust the coupling operation between the main engine and auxiliary machine, build an efficient AI air conditioning system. Maximize the energy efficiency of existing equipment, create ultra-low cost operating air conditioning system, so that the overall energy efficiency ratio of air conditioning system can be extremely improved.



Innovative advantages of ultra-efficient central air conditioning control system:

(1)More energy-efficient—Real-time stereo synchronous monitoring of operational data.Improve the precision and scientific control of HVAC host + auxiliary machine + valve, maximize the energy efficiency of existing equipment, and increase the energy efficiency ratio of remote control system without AI by 30%-40%.

(2)Faster—Complete synchronous data acquisition in seconds.The system uses high-efficiency air conditioning system AI terminal ST-RTU-HVAC embedded with high-performance data processing, control logic edge computing analysis, advanced and reliable "terminal" echoes the "cloud", laying the intelligent hardware foundation for the construction of high-efficiency air conditioning system. Give full play to the nonlinear control algorithm of PDWC, which is superior to the traditional electronic PLC controller system, and achieve second-level intelligent control and control, which is essentially improved from the traditional control of tens of seconds.

(3)Easier—AI control, unattended.The air conditioning system interface adopts the system structure principle and the actual layout for image design, and the interface is intuitive and clear at a glance.

(4)More open—Adopt cloud computing, cloud storage, spatiotemporal AI management and control.The system is designed based on the power Internet of Things, and the operation and maintenance personnel can be authorized by the identity confirmation system, and the mobile phone, tablet computer, PC, etc., can be controlled remotely.

(5)Smarter—Big data + edge computing makes the system intelligent, practical and reliable. System AI analysis control system in the whole life cycle of each link diagnosis, prediction, early warning, forecast, air conditioning system equipment operation and maintenance in time, more reliable.

(6)More convenient—AI control. System AI operation, reduce human error, system operation science, online dynamic reporting to reduce the cost of employment.


The system has been successfully applied to the central air conditioning system of Guangzhou Pearl Mediterranean Hotel. In three years of operation, under the intelligent control of AI system, the annual average EER of the whole air conditioning room system has stabilized over 5.8, reaching the standard of ultra-efficient room. The control room of the central air conditioning room is unattended, which reduces energy consumption and greatly reduces the operation and maintenance expenses of the hotel's air conditioning system.In 2021, the central air conditioning room of the Mediterranean Hotel achieved "carbon neutrality", and in 2022, it was named the National Ministry of Environmental Protection Greater Bay Area low-carbon energy saving demonstration project.



In the research and development and application of energy-saving technology of efficient central air conditioning control system, Suntrans™ has obtained 82 related intellectual property patents, smart control terminal products have passed 3C and CQC certification and been rated as famous high-tech products in Guangdong Province, and the intelligent transformation project of central air conditioning implemented by the enterprise has been rated as "Excellent green financial Innovation" project.


Over the past 30 years, Suntrans™ has completed more than 300 research projects of various types, including technical intellectual property rights such as power iot terminals on the power demand side, intelligent control of central air conditioning, and comprehensive energy control. It is also transformed into a series of "power controller" series products, edge computing data processing terminals, ultra-efficient central air conditioning control system, smart city, smart industrial equipment and other series of software and hardware products, and is widely used in smart city, smart building, smart campus and other fields. To contribute intelligent science and technology to the national carbon neutral cause and promote the coordinated integration and development of the entire energy electronics industry.

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