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Good news! Suntrans™ won the Excellence Award of the first Energy Electronics Industry Innovation Competition
Good news! Suntrans™ won the Excellence Award of the first Energy Electronics Industry Innovation Competition
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On December 16, 2023, the award ceremony of the key terminal application track of the first Energy Electronics Industry Innovation Competition was successfully held in Liyang.The entries in this competition represent the real scientific research level of China's new energy storage products and key terminal applications, the two tracks collected 507 entries, and through the form review, preliminary competition and other competition evaluation links, a total of 300 works entered the final.Suntrans™ independent innovation and development of iot electric AC zero relay protection intelligent controller stood out in the final and won the excellence award.



As the first national event around the energy electronics industry in China, the competition is divided into four tracks: solar photovoltaic, new energy storage products, key information technology, and key terminal applications, aiming to build a platform for energy electronics industry exchange, innovation, and integration, and accelerate the cultivation of new quality productivity.Suntrans™ fully independently developed electric iot AC zero relay protection intelligent controller, with its active safety, highly intensive and millisecond control advantages, from the switching arcing era, leading into the era of no arc, from the Internet of Things era, pioneering into the era of power Internet of things a major breakthrough, in the key terminal application circuit was awarded the excellence Award.



Ac zero relay protection intelligent controller

The "electric intelligent controller" based on the core technology of AC zero crossing is the first time that Tesla has realized the progress of getting rid of the "arc" after the invention of AC electricity, and has introduced the power switch from the arcing era to the arcing era. Lay the intelligent terminal application foundation for large-scale artificial intelligence in industrial, urban, construction, transportation, railway, hospital, municipal, campus and other fields of high-performance energy control and artificial intelligence popularization application.



Ac zero relay protection intelligent controller has the main advantages:

①Current and voltage zero off, no impact on the load, control equipment safety and life of more than one million times;

②Millisecond level switching, no harmonic interference, no start-stop electromagnetic radiation, can achieve power UPS;

③Intensive composite network interface, support all mainstream communication methods, small size, lightweight construction;

④Terminal high-speed synchronous measurement and real-time big data convergence, laying the foundation of digital twin;

⑤Strong current intelligent, information flow + energy flow, programmable, dynamic diagnosis, anomaly early warning, online control;

⑥Digital, intelligent, carbon neutral, simultaneous "measurable, reportable, auditable MRV."


Ac zero relay protection series intelligent controller was praised by international expert Dr. Howard Mitchell "is an innovation that changes the world electricity era", and obtained 82 effective intellectual property rights related to it (including 19 original invention patents, 26 energy control series software Copyrights, 30 utility model patents, 7 product appearance patents).At present, the products have entered the mass production stage, and more than 150,000 controllers have been applied in smart city, smart building, smart campus, smart home, smart water, smart factory and other fields, and have been unanimously recognized by customers and society.


For more than 30 years, Suntrans™ has completed more than 300 research projects. Among them, around the power demand side of the power Internet of things terminal, central air conditioning intelligent control, comprehensive energy control and other technologies, the company has 82 patents, soft and other intellectual property rights. It has also been transformed into a series of "power controller" series products, edge computing data processing terminals, ultra-efficient central air conditioning control systems and smart city, smart industrial equipment and other software and hardware products. It is widely used in the construction of comprehensive energy control in smart cities, smart buildings, smart campuses and other fields, contributing smart science and technology to the national carbon neutral cause and promoting the coordinated integration and development of the entire energy electronics industry.

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