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Suntrans™ Smart flexible AC charging pile (electric 3C compulsory certification product)
Suntrans™ Smart flexible AC charging pile (electric 3C compulsory certification product)
author:suntrans publication date:2024-04-28 views:49

1、Results Bulletin

Since 2024, Suntrans™ has independently developed and manufactured flexible intelligent AC charging pile with active safety detection, charging process care, arc-free start-stop control, and ultra-long system life, and has been put into service for EV charging pile operators and EV vehicle customers in Shenzhen Longgang.ST-SEVC AC charging pile, can adapt to 7kW, 14kW, 21kW charging, with the substation integrated monitoring device ST-DTU echo, to achieve the substation remaining power intelligent charging, is the new energy attributes of electric vehicles spread!


Figure 1: Front photo of intelligent flexible AC charging pile 7kW) 

Figure 2: Intelligent flexible AC charging pile 6 guns X7kW internal photo)


(Figure 3: Internal photo of 2 guns X21kW(flexible control) of intelligent flexible AC charging pile)


2、Power Internet of Things - strong electric intelligence

With the rising sales of new energy vehicles, it is urgent to solve the shortage of power on the charging supply side and the acceleration of the growth rate of electric vehicles.Suntrans™ proposed a package solution of "Power Internet of Things + strong electric intelligence".Among them, the research and development, production and application of electric vehicle and electric bicycle charging system have covered: high-power super flexible DC charging pile, high-power flexible AC charging pile, intelligent active and safe electric bicycle charging system.From the power perspective, innovate the demand-side power Internet of Things architecture and intelligent charging pile system of electric vehicles.The breakthrough in the intelligent charging system has not only proposed an effective "shared power" solution for the mass and large-scale layout of intelligent charging piles, but also practiced a full series of intelligent AC and DC charging pile products.The successful application of this AC charging pile is a solid step forward for the solution.



(Figure 4: Front photo of AC charging pile operation)


(Figure 5: Side view of AC charging pile operation)


3、Shared power - Distributed charging system

Suntrans™ Intelligent charging system based on flexible intelligent distribution technology not only effectively solves the problem of adding new charging piles due to the limitation of dedicated substations and insufficient power capacity, but also optimizes the allocation of existing power resources through intelligent integrated energy management and scheduling.This means that "shared power" is to quickly build a large-scale layout of charging piles without the need for power capacity, which is of great significance.


(Figure 6: Shared power supply)


4、Active safety - Charging process care

Safety has always been a primary consideration in the design and operation of charging piles.Suntrans™ intelligent AC charging pile adopts advanced active protection technology, which can monitor the charging process in real time and the whole process, to ensure that the first time when the charging gun is inserted, the abnormal can be discovered, the abnormal charging can be terminated proactively and quickly, and the customer can be prompted to prevent the occurrence of out-of-control events.In addition, the application of the embedded mandatory power certification product, Suntrans™ AC zero zero arc-free intelligent power controller, provides the most reliable charging security for the equipment.


(Figure 7: Safe charging of new energy vehicles)


Convenience is another key to improving the user experience.Suntrans™ Smart AC charging pile supports seamless connection with SuntransPlat cloud energy management and control platform, users can easily find the nearest idle charging pile through the mobile app, and complete the charging process monitoring, recharge payment and other operations.This one-stop service greatly improves the convenience of charging for users and lowers the threshold for the use of new energy vehicle owners.


5、"Power-charging" integrated energy control and dispatching

Intelligence is the inevitable trend of the future development of charging infrastructure.The intelligent scheduling function of Suntrans™ intelligent AC charging pile not only realizes efficient coordination with the regional power grid, but also provides accurate decision-making basis for policy makers through big data analysis.In terms of hardware design, the highly integrated and modular design of the charging pile greatly simplifies the installation and maintenance work, while reducing the space occupation, making it easy to adapt to the layout requirements of various cities, parks and residential areas.


      (Figure 8: Sanchuan DTU Substation integrated monitoring device)


The successful landing of Suntrans™ intelligent AC charging pile is not only a success of technological innovation, but also a strong support for the sustainable development of China's new energy vehicle market.With the continuous development and upgrading of the charging infrastructure industry, Suntrans™ will continue to be committed to developing more efficient, safe and convenient charging solutions to provide a solid foundation for green travel and contribute to the construction of smart cities.

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