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Suntrans™ Smart DC super charging pile officially put into operation
Suntrans™ Smart DC super charging pile officially put into operation
author:suntrans publication date:2024-04-29 views:39

After professional research and development, testing and manufacturing, Suntrans™ officially put into operation intelligent DC supercharging pile at the flagship charging station in Donglin Low-carbon Industrial Park, Panyu, Guangzhou, on March 22, 2024, to provide safe, efficient and convenient charging service for charging station customers and EV owners. It is expected that the tall, fashionable and bright shape can attract the attention of customers, and the single gun 120kw supercharge experience allows the owner to enjoy the experience of waiting for full.



The new energy vehicle market is developing rapidly, and the demand for smart charging piles is also rising.However, there are insufficient electric vehicle charging piles in the market at present, which cannot meet the charging demand; Insufficient power capacity of the park, unable to add charging piles; The charging system has insufficient security protection, lack of real-time health diagnosis, and no active protection.



Suntrans™ charging system based on flexible intelligent power distribution technology, with independent innovation and invention of AC zero crossing power controller as the core, complete charging control on the AC side, no arc, no impact, no risk, flexible intelligent control process.Based on the perception and coordination of Suntrans™'s substation DTU, the SuntransPlat cloud energy management platform effectively utilizes and intelligently dispatches the remaining transformer power capacity to build charging piles without the need for power capacity increase.It can meet the needs of charging stations in central buildings, parks, communities, commercial buildings and other core cities, so as to solve the problem of insufficient number of charging piles.



Suntrans™ Smart DC super charging pile is based on the "electric Internet of Things + smart electric vehicle charging pile" system, real-time charging process, battery health and other real-time safety protection for electric vehicles, providing the safest, most scientific, most economical, most convenient and most energy-efficient solution for electric vehicles safe, convenient and economical charging. It has the following advantages:


1、Safe And Reliable

The core AC zero zero arc free intelligent power type controller has passed the electric 3C compulsory certification, resistant to overvoltage and electrical shock;Real-time monitoring of the charging process through wechat or App, load safety identification, charging process safety assessment, charging anomaly diagnosis and intelligent protection of the charging process.


2、Intelligent Scheduling

The smart DC super charging pile "terminal" directly connects to the "SuntransPlat cloud", which not only realizes the intelligent charging control of the whole city and even the national level, but also interacts with the remaining capacity of the transformer in the corresponding region, dynamically prioritised to ensure the safety of electricity consumption and dynamic scheduling balance, and the management department can obtain the decision-making basis for accurate policy making through big data.



3、Convenient And Quick

Through the mobile phone, you can easily find the charging station, the dynamic display of the charging station can be completed in any area, and the charging process monitoring, top-up payment, site positioning, abnormal alarm and other controls.


4、Simple Site Construction

The equipment is highly integrated, simple and compact design, small footprint, simple construction and installation, unattended, intelligent control, closed-circuit monitoring, radar induction.



The first installation and operation of Suntrans™ smart DC super charging pile has laid a successful experience and foundation for enterprises to open the new energy vehicle charging service market, and brought more safe, convenient and economical charging methods to the new energy vehicle market.Through technological innovation and intelligent management, it solves the problems existing in the current market and provides a better charging experience for car owners. In the future, Suntrans™ will continue to promote the development of smart charging technology to bring more possibilities for green travel to society.

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