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Suntrans ™ new generation of intelligent centrifuge control system successfully operated in Chengdu Tianxiang Environment
Suntrans ™ new generation of intelligent centrifuge control system successfully operated in Chengdu Tianxiang Environment
author:suntrans publication date:2024-04-29 views:66

Suntrans ™ with independent innovation of "electric intelligent controller" as the system control core, with more than 10 years of industrial Internet of things application grinding "SuntransPLat/IoT energy management and control software" for "Suntrans Intelligent control cloud platform", and Chengdu Tianxiang Environmental Technology jointly developed supporting large-scale sludge centrifuge "AI centrifuge control system".After testing, debugging and actual operation, the system was successfully operated in Chengdu Tianxiang Environmental Co., Ltd. in March 2024, and was unanimously recognized and praised by Mr. Micheal Kopper, chairman of Tianxiang Environmental Technology and founder of the centrifuge technology, CEO of the American Paladin Company and American expert on centrifuge technology.



Tianxiang Environmental Co., Ltd. is located in Datong Town, Qingbaijiang District, Chengdu, with its extensive business in sewage treatment, water pollution treatment, solid waste treatment, hazardous waste disposal and other fields, has become an important enterprise in the environmental protection industry.In particular, the centrifuge authorized by the American Centrisys company introduced by the company has become one of its core competitive professional products.In order to actively respond to the national call for equipment upgrading, technology updating and building new quality productivity with artificial intelligence and modern control system as the core. Tianxiang Environment and Suntrans™ reached cooperation, Suntrans™ will be the core of the original electric power controller and Tianxiang environmental measurement and control system supporting cooperation, forming a collaborative scientific and technological development link, in the "intelligent centrifuge control system", crane measurement and control system, mining equipment artificial intelligence field common development.The successful matching of the AI release machine measurement and control system has taken an important step toward intelligent, efficient and digital centrifuge equipment.



In the past, the original centrifuge measurement and control system was not only an electronic control system, but more importantly, there were problems such as complex operation, insufficient reliability, mainly relying on manual operation adjustment and control, and lack of active safety protection.Suntrans™'s AIoT electric measurement and control system successfully solves these problems.This system with its high reliability, anti-harsh natural environment, anti-harsh electromagnetic environment and excellent adaptability to the industrial environment, for the industrial measurement and control system to enter the "power Internet of things, strong electric intelligence", to lay its stability and ultra-high efficiency.



In addition, Suntrans™ intelligent centrifuge control system also has the power distribution, power system real-time status diagnosis, process IoT monitoring, comprehensive parameter digital metering, abnormal prediction and early warning analysis, dynamic process control and other functions, real-time interaction with the cloud platform, to achieve digital twin.Users can view the real-time data and historical big data in the control system of Tianxiang Centrifuge through the mobile phone App, comprehensively control the energy consumption overview and energy consumption trend, and provide data support for further optimizing intelligent management and control decisions.



Mr. Micheal Kopper, founder and CEO of Centrisys and an expert in water treatment and centrifuge technology, conducted an in-depth review of Suntrans™'s new control system.He personally experienced the operation of the system, learned about the AI control function of the supporting measurement and control system in detail, and had an in-depth exchange with Professor Zheng Guilin, an energy control expert of Suntrans™.Mr. Kopper gave a high degree of recognition and praise to the upgrade of the intelligent centrifuge control system, and affirmed the technology upgrade action of Tianxiang Environment with high efficiency.



The successful operation of Suntrans™"Intelligent centrifuge control system" has also won the recognition of the chairman, general manager and other colleagues of Tianxiang Environment, and determined the steps for further in-depth and comprehensive cooperation. They believe that through the cooperation of upgrading equipment several times, Tianxiang Environment will further enhance its competitiveness in the environmental protection industry.


The successful operation of Suntrans™'s new generation of intelligent centrifuge control system in Chengdu Tianxiang Environment not only improves the technical level and market competitiveness of Tianxiang Environment, but also provides new solutions for the environmental protection industry, helping to promote the technological progress and green development of the industry. This progress will inject new vitality into the long-term development of Tianxiang Environmental protection industry.

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