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With this box, your home will become the size of the world
With this box, your home will become the size of the world
author:Suntrans publication date:2017-11-30 views:377

With this box, your home will become the size of the world

In a rush in the morning, when I go out, I always feel that I am missing something

When I got to the office, I remembered that the light in the living room forgot to turn off again.

The chandelier in the living room has 8 lamp heads, each 10 watts, goes out at 8 am, arrives at home at 7 pm, 11 hours, 8*10/1000*11...

The math test mode is on...although the electricity bill is not too much

But this day

As if there was a "brain" sticker on the forehead


Come out, in this era, smart home can save you

There are a bunch of smart products

Smart products that are bought but idle

Collect dust in the corner of the room

Our money doesn't come from the wind

The price of tens of thousands of square meters

Of course, put something useful

What kind of intelligence really makes a difference

Which ones are tasteless, and which ones are really reassuring and convenient

Think about this, it's important

Control your home appliances from outside

You can turn off the lights when you leave home

Is it safe to use electricity at home?

OK, OK, OK... important questions answered three times


Let's take a look at the picture of this box.

Scenario 1: I forget to turn off the lights when I go out in a hurry, and turn it off with one key. Nest in a warm quilt in winter, just tap the phone to turn off the lights and fall asleep easily.

Scenario 2: The electrical appliances in the home are not bad at the end of their service life. International patented technology, no arc impact, protect and extend the service life of household appliances.


Scenario 3: The electricity bill this month is much cheaper than last month. Using the detection and data collection functions of smart digital meters, you can make invisible and intangible electric energy appear in front of you one by one, helping you become a master of energy saving.

Scene 4: Socializing outside at night, you don't have to worry about the naughty children of the old people at home anymore. Using powerful "cloud" computing power, household lighting and other electrical equipment can be programmed to control, just tap the phone, "sleep mode", "away mode", "child safety mode" and so on one by one. For example, turn off the electrical sockets that children can touch to avoid electric shock injuries caused by children touching the sockets out of curiosity.

Scenario 5: If you want to be cool, you can add it again. The electric box adopts Internet technology and wifi working mode, and is compatible with smart door locks, sixth sense detectors, multi-function remote controls, curtain controllers, human body induction radar and other products in the Suntrans smart home series to achieve more intelligent experience.


SUNTRANS smart electric box, instead of the empty open box in the original room, can be remotely controlled through the Home Connect app. Whether you are traveling for a long distance or on a business trip, home appliances are in your hands.

SUNTRANS smart electric box connects the home, opens up a new world of Internet of Things, and opens up a new smart lifestyle. Control home appliances anywhere, control life at any time, break the barriers of time and space, get rid of boredom and constraints, make people more free, and enjoy a wonderful life from now on.


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