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ST-ZigBee-M01 Intelligent Wireless Communication Module
Intelligent Wireless Communication Module
Realize multi-point wireless data acquisition; reliable communication; low power consumption and energy saving
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Product Manual
ST-ZigBee-M01 Intelligent Wireless Communication Module instruction
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Application scenarios
image is missing Industrial control
image is missing Medical equipment control
image is missing Intelligent building control
Main application systems
image is missing Wireless Sensor Network WSN
image is missing Automatic meter reading (AMR) system with load management function
image is missing Environmental monitoring, water conservancy and hydrology monitoring wireless communication system
image is missing Intelligent transportation, oil and gas production telemetry communication system
image is missing Industrial manufacturing, process control telemetry and remote control
image is missing Monitor lighting, HVAC and building security
image is missing Medical and health monitoring of patients, equipment and facilities
image is missing Home monitoring, HVAC, security alarm system application
image is missing
Power saving and energy saving
Adopt a variety of power-saving working modes to ensure that two AA batteries can support up to 6 months to 2 years of use
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Reliable communication
CSMA-CA collision avoidance mechanism is used to reserve dedicated time slots for fixed-bandwidth communication services to avoid collisions when sending data
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Self-organizing function
Without manual intervention, network nodes can sense the existence of other nodes and determine the connection relationship to form a structured network
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Self-healing function
The node position changes, the network can repair itself when the node fails, and the network topology is adjusted accordingly
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Low cost
The working frequency band of ZigBee is flexible, it is 2.4GHz in the license-free frequency band, and it is a wireless communication with no usage fee
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Large network capacity
A ZigBee network can accommodate up to 254 slave devices and one master device
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Data security
ZigBee provides data integrity check and authentication functions, and the encryption algorithm adopts AES-128, which can flexibly determine its security properties
Technical parameter
Product Model ST-ZigBee-M01
Operating frequency 2.4G:2400 MHz~2483 MHz
Number of channels 16
Channel interval 5 MHz
RF data rate 250 kb/s
Output power 18 dBm (63mW)
Acceptance sensitivity -95 dBm
Transmission distance 330m(line-of-sight), omnidirectional antenna
Product Size
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Relevant certificates
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