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ST-SLC-102010 Single-phase dual-channel intelligent controller
Single-phase dual-channel intelligent controller
Avoid arc shock, long service life; precise protection of overvoltage, undervoltage and overcurrent; remote intelligent control
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Product Manual
ST-SLC-102010 Single-phase dual-channel intelligent controller instruction
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Application scenarios
image is missing Lighting control
image is missing Electrical control
image is missing Air conditioning control
Product Features
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Real-time measurement
embedded measurement unit, online monitoring of load and channel status, measurement accuracy ≤ 2%
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Channel control
According to the command intelligent selection or manual button operation, the corresponding channel AC zero-crossing point can be turned on or off
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Communication interaction
Embedded with relevant modules, it can realize information interaction, remote control and networking of massive intelligent switches
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Program management
program according to the needs, complete the given work, or realize the sequence on and off control and program management control of a large number of loads through the communication system
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Power protection
protection setting Undervoltage: 0~300V (AC) (default 150V) setting - overvoltage: 0~300V (AC) (default 260V) setting - single channel overcurrent: 0~40A (AC) (default 40A) Setting - total current protection: 0~80A (AC)
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Long service life
Adopt AC zero-crossing point on and off technology, no arc, prolong the service life of equipment by more than 10 times
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Multiple protections
The product is embedded with protection programs to protect the setting under-voltage, over-voltage and over-current, with stable performance
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Intelligent management and control
intelligent management and control of water, electricity, heat, steam, and cooling can be constructed, without the need for on-site
Core Technology
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  1. Closing at voltage zero-crossing, no impact on the load, increasing the service life of the equipment
  2. Current zero-crossing point, no arc, no heat generation, saving energy consumption and eliminating hidden dangers of electricity safety
  3. No harmonic interference, zero radiation on start and stop
  4. Equipment-level safety and reliability, without overload protection devices, far exceeding relevant national and industry standards
Technical parameter
Product Model ST-SLC-102010
Rated voltage 220±15%V(AC)
Rated current 80A(AC)
Single channel rated current 40A(AC)
Rated frequency 50Hz
Standby power consumption <2.5W
Voltage and current measurement accuracy ≦2%
Power statistics accuracy≦2%
Product Size
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Relevant certificates
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